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  1. Yea the first thing the lawyer told me is to absolutely not cash the check. I couldnt believe that they would do that without even talking to us. The other thing he told me was since they attempted to pay it removes liability from me, so they cant say im responsible if I have to sue them
  2. I was wondering why I never heard back from you lol, Well everything was going good, adjuster came out said the estimate looked good, insurance company called said their getting a check out. I get the check. the estimate was 12k to repair everything, they sent a check for $2900 with all kinds of changes to the estimate and depreciation ect... My contractor ( a friend ) handed it to his attorney to give them a "friendly" call to see if that helps, In the mean time Im doing as much of the work myself as I can.
  3. Kudu, Are you not receiving pm's from me, Ive sent you two now about 2 weeks apart
  4. Need an address, thank you
  5. If you fish for trout an easy one to start with is a articulated pheasant tail nymph. If your looking for larger streamers check out kelly Galloup
  6. so my 5wt wont work? Lol Yep got a 10
  7. You can purchase sinkhole insurance which covers if you have a sinkhole on your property or under your house that does minor damage. That insurance is expensive. Now my insurance without sinkhole coverage still covers catastrophic damage, so if my house was damaged over x amount of dollars its covered.
  8. Insurance is needed in Florida for hurricanes. In my case Im really glad we have it as their estimating this bathroom repair at around 12k. including the flooring in the bedroom. And including the dry out and demolition which was 2k alone
  9. Vic, you can get sinkhole insurance but it is crazy experience due to the huge number of s inkholes in FL. My buddy's company is mainly a sinkhole company and has since expanded into home renovations because it goes hand in hand, however my insurance covers catastrophic disaster so a sinkhole would be covered under my house but not in my yard. Im going to have my friend pin my house. He drills to bedrock and puts pins in so theoretically the ground could open and the house would still stand. Insurance is mandatory with my home loan but my insurance is $800 year. Houses are much cheaper here than most places. We have a 3 bedroom 2 bath 2car block home built in 06 on 1/3 acre its 3000sq under roof 2000sq living and we paid $118,000 hence why so many people find their way here.
  10. So what your saying is if I was to buy in bulk say $10 for 100 blades and turn around and list 10 packs for $5 a pack you would buy the 10 pack because the bulk pack must be cheap? Things can also be overpriced pieces of junk, just because its more money doesn't make it any better
  11. Good and cheap can "sometimes" go together. Especially when your talking outdated products like double edge razors, they will eventually stop producing them which will then make them more expensive.
  12. Awesome video!! Holy crap thats a ton of feathers in that thing, id be trying to keep a fish from eating it lol
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