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  1. Those frogs will be great on bass. Where did u get the bodies? This is a great set for the final I can't wait to try them out. I have the perfect little frame for riffs fly that is too cool to fish. Thanks again to BB for 2 great years and for everyone else's tying. Great group to be in.
  2. That's a new one Black n pink squirrel tail is what I call it. I would think it should work good I also tied some for me with orange collar. It has been a good 2 years man does time fly (Haha). I sent you some others but I can't remember what besides that little worm and that thing will pull them off their beds almost every time.
  3. Glad you liked them. This has been fun. Lots of good tyers out there. Learned some new patterns filled some boxes; Thanks to everyone. Two straight years I think is enough for me for a while. Thanks for all you did to make it successful.
  4. Going to post office now. Black and pink squirrel tails sz10
  5. I'm going to tie some squirrel nymphs I just got a whole skin I wanna use.
  6. Headed to post office now. I made and tied some 1/80oz jigs work for crappies and bluegills. Size 10 hooks they cast real nice on a 3, 4 or 5wt rod
  7. That's a good tip. Could really get some different color combos that way.
  8. I have been testing a little nymph pattern with red eyes the gills seem to like. I don't have a name for them yet. Will mail on Monday
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