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  1. Be sure to check out Tim Cammissa on YouTube for patterns. Also look for “Fly Tying, The Angler’s Art” on YouTube. For materials, White Tail Fly Tieing has an extensive inventory of materials and they are good people to deal with. Also, J Stockard & also Bob Marriott are places that I order from and recommend. When you can tying a few patterns pretty well, I suggest you join a swap in the Fly Swap and Contests board here. There is great value in tying enough flies of the same pattern, that you pretty good about sending in a dozen of them for a swap. I have been tying for years, but sometimes I still cut away all the materials down to the bare hook and start over. Swaps on this site are open to any member regardless of experience. So find one that is still taking sign ups and post “I’m in.” And get started tying. I host swaps there pretty often and you are always welcome to join any of my swaps. Breambuster (BB)
  2. The little bottle usually dries up on me after the first use, and that’s with sealing things to the best of my ability. BB
  3. Fishingbobnelson, if I can get the materials together and if I can pull it off, I’m thinking about a Green Drake Hairwing. How does that sound? BB
  4. If you have some strung Hackle. It sounds you are all set to tie up some Crappie jigs. BB
  5. Well, Guys, I know it’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here. I have been trying to work through a snag that was holding things up. After discussing this with our moderator, we will just consider this a “no show” and send everyone else their flies. I just got back from the Post Office and can say that your flies are on the way. This is a great set of flies and you are going to be glad to have them. Thanks to all of you who have participated in any of the Well Stocked Fly Box series. It’s been fun and you guys are to be commended for making it work. Take care BB
  6. I apologize for the delay. Hopefully I will have something to report in the next day or 2 at the most. John, your flies are safely with me. BB
  7. John, I’m trying to work through another problem. Hope to have something to report soon. My apologies. I want it done too. I need a break. BB
  8. The Pony Express arrived today with 1 of the 2 sets remaining. They still had some frost on them, having come from the far North, but other than that, they arrived in good shape. :-). Cloudy’s flies are here and there is 1 more set remaining. They should be here any day now. I will let you know. BB
  9. Never fear, WWKimba, we live so far off the beaten path that they have to pipe in sunlight. Really, mail seems to take an extra day to get here, but yours arrived today. They are here. All is well. Guys, my mailbox was crammed full today. Four sets of flies arrived today. First, you’re all getting 2 flies from WWKimba. AND, in addition to that, you’re all getting a material clip from him as well. Looks like a small clothes pin for hanging clothes on the clothesline to dry. For you younger guys, ask your Granny. This is his way of thanking all of you for letting him join the swap a tad late. Second, we received a set from Johnw1986. Very nicely done, John. Sweet tie. Thanks. Third, we got flies from r2732 who is a consistently good tier. If Ryan is in the group, you know you’re going to get a good fly from him, And, last, but certainly not least, we have flies from Stabgnid. Did you see that beautiful rainbow that Niveker caught on a Stabgnid tied fly? Nuff said! Thanks Guys. BB
  10. Hey Guys, We have 2 more sets that I need to acknowledge. Pickin6’s flies arrived a couple of days ago and Shmang’s came today. Two more sets of very nice flies for you Well-Stocked Fly Box. Looking good, BB
  11. Fishingbobnelson. I am so glad that Sharon is better. Hopefully, the chemo will eradicate every single cancer cell.. BB
  12. Just wanted to report that Fishingbobnelson’s flies are here, and as you would expect from anything that comes from Bob’s vise, they are super nice. It’s great to be swapping with you again Fishingbob. BB
  13. WWKimba, I’ve been waiting to hear from some of the other guys. I originally only needed 1 swapper, and both you and Herrick both replied. He was the first to reply and so I went ahead and added him. Then I asked the group about adding another. It’s the weekend and not many guys have responded, but those that did were in favor of adding you. So, I’m good with adding you, but here’s the thing. Two sets of flies have arrived and 2 or 3 more are in the mail. So I can’t guarantee that there will be enough flies from everyone to add an extra swapper. All I can do is promise you that I will make it as fair as possible, but, still, you may not get a fly from every swapper. But I don’t think you would be short more than 1 or 2 flies, but that is just my guess. So, let me know if you still want to join. We will be happy to have you if you decide to go ahead. Let me know. I’m going to PM this same message to you to make sure you get it. BB
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