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  1. Thanks for clarifying the name of it. Couldn’t remember it. Way too old to remember stuff like that. Sounds like it is way too tight on the OP’s post. BB
  2. Have you loosened the thumb screw at the top of the vice where the vertical post and the horizontal jaw assemble come together? I have to keep tightening this screw on my Traveler to keep the vice from rotating when I don’t want it to. Yours may be extremely tight. BB
  3. Moshup, I watched a YouTube video the other day where the guy said to make the wings as long as the shank plus the eye. BB
  4. Hey, thanks, niveker, and Flytire.
  5. How do you guys know how tall your split wings should be? I saw a video where a guy used a card with a line drawn on it for each hook size, but when I looked it up, the guy wanted a small fortune for the thing. Ouch! I’m wanted to work on my Catskill Dry Fly skills and especially tying in wings with wood duck flank feathers. Thanks. BB
  6. To whoever got my set, I was thinking Hopper/Dropper when I tied them up. There is a foam Predator for the Hopper and the rest of the set were flies that I thought might work as Droppers. Hope they work for you. BB
  7. Santa has arrived at our house and he brought me a very nice assortment of goodies and a super duper set of flies from Rick Zieger! Thanks Rick. Great set of flies. Thanks much. BB
  8. N0GYM de N4LCV. Extra Class here back in the days when CW was required. I hope to one day put up an End Fed Half Wave for 80M and down. I’ve lived here 2 1/2 years and, so far, all I’ve got up is a 2 meter vertical on a 10 foot ground-mounted pole. I’ve trying to get on DMR which is a new digital mode, but my progress there is at a snail’s pace. COVID has everything shut down so I haven’t joined a club yet. There is at least 1 Ham in the Church we attend but he comes to the early service and we go to the late service. I’ve met him once, but it’s mostly emails. I hope to eventually put up my Hi-Gain 620 Vertical. Wish you were still on the air. We could try for a QSO at some point. 73 N4LCV - (BB) Oh yes, Meant to mention that a friend downstate killed a Wood Duck this past Saturday, so I’m watching the mail for a bag full of feathers. I’m going to learn to tie wings even if it kills me. BB
  9. Got mine a few days ago and it’s under the tree. It may be the main thing I have to unwrap this year. My wife helped me pay for an amateur radio antenna about September because I had some guys coming to help me put it up, so Santa came early. But 1 of the guys ended up in the hospital and rehab and the antenna is still in a box out in the workshop. So, there won’t be much under he tree this year but Secret Swap Santa. But I am blessed. There are so many things to be grateful for. Hope you guys have a great Christmas. BB
  10. I have a ceramic bobbin that is nearly impossible to thread by the “suck on a straw” method. Maybe there is some trick to that that I have never learned. If so, would someone tell me the secret? I also have a metal bobbin threader, but I don’t feel good about using it on ceramic. What other strategies have you guys found for threading a ceramic bobbin? BB
  11. Mine arrived and they are an awesome set of flies. Thanks, atxdiscgolfer for hosting. BB
  12. The wing feathers came from Davidson River Outfitters. They are listed as Imitation Yaller Hammer Feathers. BB
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