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  1. Hoards of Locusts! A whole box of Parachute Hoppers arrived today. If you look up Parachute-style Dry Flies in the dictionary, the picture beside the definition ought to be Woodenlegs’ flies. Wow! If anyone is on the fence, we have 2 spots for now, but the swap closes tomorrow. If you’re thinking about it, getting Woodenlegs’ flies ought to be enough to convince you to join. BB
  2. The current round of the Well-Stocked Fly Box is Parachutes and we are still taking sign-ups for that one until April 10. The Trout Jig Swap doesn’t begin until May 5. We still need a few swappers for the Parachute Round. Who wants in? BB
  3. Hey Guys, yesterday was a pretty tough day for me. For 1 thing, I spent most of the night, Sunday night in the ER with our daughter who has lots of health issues and who lives with us. When I finally got home about 3:30 AM, I was too keyed up to sleep much. Yesterday, I had to go to 3 different places trying to find a battery for my wife’s car. Everyone was closed because of the virus. But having said that, I wanted to let you know that I got your flies to the Post Office yesterday afternoon and they are on their way to you. You should begin receiving them in the next few days. Enjoy putting them into your well-stocked fly box. BB
  4. That’s the spirit, Woodenlegs. That’s what I’m talking about. Let’s have some fun tying flies, even if it means getting out of our comfort zone. We many even learn something new and find a new, go-to fly for our well-stocked fly box. BB
  5. Samsonboi, I want this to be a jig swap and there are Perdigon flies that meet that criteria. One reason for asking for jig hooks is that I know that they run through the water with hook point up. I can’t say that about all bead heads. We do a lot of swaps where bead heads are welcome, but I don’t remember ever being in a swap that calls for trout sized jig hooks. One reason I am giving everyone an extra month before we begin this swap is to pick out a pattern and to get the materials together. BB
  6. R2732 and Mcgx2, you have both been added. He is great to have you both on board. Welcome. BB
  7. I have edited the original post so if you haven’t read it recently, you might want to go back and read it again. BB
  8. Like I said, Flytire, I do not know hardly anything about this type of fishing. Thanks for giving me the phrase “euro style jig fly.” Maybe If I had known to use that phrase, the parameters wouldn’t have been needed. I was just trying to eliminate 1/16 oz Crappie jigs, dumbbell eyes, etc. Also, thanks for the website because it shows LOTS of patterns I didn’t know about. BB
  9. Vicrider, I had to at least TRY to give you a hard time. BB
  10. THIS IS A REVISED VERSION OF MY ORIGINAL POST AND I HOPE IT IS CLEARER. As promised, the Well-Stocked Fly Box series of swaps is going to a fifth and sixth round, SO THIS IS NOT a sign up thread. Sign ups will NOT be accepted at this time. This swap will NOT begin until after the 5th of May. Ok, with that said, one of our faithful swappers who has been in on every round has requested a jig swap. But I have always thought of this as a trout swap, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t do both. I have watched some Tim Cammisa Swaps in which he ties some trout jigs that are really nice. In studying these jigs, I have discovered that they are used in Czech Nymphing, which I know nothing about. It may be that others Nymph patterns are also used, so, I won’t call this a Czech Nymph swap. The type of fly that I am looking for in this swap is a trout jig fly with a bead and a jig hook no larger than size #12. This style of fly is also called a Euro Style Jig Fly. Many Perdigon flies also fit this type of fly. If you want to look at some of these jigs, go to YouTube and search for “Ginger Snap fly” which is what I will be tying. Cammisa also did a Light Cahill recently which looks very nice. Other possibilities are the Napolean’s Dynamite and the Duracell. Watch some of Cammisa’s videos, because he often shows additional patterns at the end. Many other examples of this type fly can be found here: https://www.google.com/search?q=euro+style+jig+flies&sxsrf=ALeKk00DCyg3KY7ZvDP4WBas1nCqgx92PQ:1586098670509&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjN6dX-xdHoAhUmTt8KHXypBSoQ_AUoA3oECAsQBQ&biw=1600&bih=757 The purpose of this post is to get you thinking and to give you enough time to choose a pattern and to order materials. The pattern I’m tying uses a Disco bead, and I’ve found that eBay is a good place to get them. If anyone has a question, I will do my best to find an answer. BB
  11. Well, guys, since I have already received a set of parachutes from Vicrider, and since he IS our Administrator, or Sheriff or whatever he is, I guess the next round will be Parachutes. 🙂. The due date will be May 5 with an absolute cut off date of May 10. All the other rules that we have followed in previous swaps still apply. Let’s tie some Parachutes! BB Swapmeister - Mr Rapidan Parachute 1. Vicrider - 2. Woodenlegs - Hopper 3. Bryon Anderson - Robert’s Yellow Drake 4. Jownw1866 - Purple Haze 5. R2732 - BWO 6. Mcgx2 - Krystal Cricket 7. Samsonboi - 8. Pickin6ofem 9. Mark Knapp - PMD 10. Netabrookie - 11. 12.
  12. We received flies from Fishingbobnelson and Flat Rock Native yesterday and a set from dflanagan today. That means that all the sets are in. I will get them sorted over the weekend and in the mail on Monday. Oddly enough, we also received some parachutes from Vicrider today. Sorry, Woodenlegs, he beat you out this time. Vicrider will get extra fly this time. I will be posting the Parachute Swap this weekend and also another post about what the 5th round will be in case some of you need to order materials. I don’t remember if we have done a swap like it here before, but probably, before I knew what it was. Have a good weekend and stay safe BB
  13. Busy days. Nikever’s flies arrived today Another sweet set. Thanks BB
  14. When I went to the mail box last night, it was stuffed full-size! FOUR sets of flies, and they are all of great quality. The there are Mark Knapp, Professori, Johnw1986 and r2736. Great work, guys, and thanks for being a part of the swap. NOW, I have gotten all sorts of extras, which I always appreciate. However, Johnw1986, I am going to need for you to help me out with yours. What is La-Co Slic-tite and what do I do with it? It says it’s for difficult thread applications, and I DO have trouble with my tying thread at times. Will it help me tie off when I tie parachutes? BB
  15. Sorry, Professori, that you are having trouble. Not sure what the problem could be. I’m on Chrome. No problems. I will let you know when your flies arrive. BB
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