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  1. Hey, thanks! I'll be sure to contact him!
  2. Can anyone spot me some information and or maps (visual or verbal) of the Elk River around the underground/spring section of it. Also information on the water section regs, like FFO, C&R, or general trout waters? I've attempted to contact the fly shop at Elk Springs Resort, but I have not been able to speak with a guide or someone extremely knowledgeable of the waters. If anyone has fished this section I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!
  3. Interesting , maybe a foray to one of my spots is in order. Wonder how high the water is too, in spring it was insane, flip flops, softballs, toy cars all floating downriver. actually might go look at one of the 'other' lakes tribs. They canceled the water release for Labor Day Weekend, but, the water is going to be running around 335 cps coming up. They are really holding back for this fall to string out the run.
  4. There are already some fish in. Supposedly browns and steelies are in too. The water is around 70 degrees still, so idk what the steelies are thinking, but I guess there is enough food.
  5. My father had the same problem. :/ It seems to be a new thing. I don't know if they are just overloaded or what. Who knows.
  6. I love the gaudy look the fly. Real buggy. I love it.
  7. Anyone on the forum belong to the SalmonCrazy forums?
  8. alright, thanks for the tips. Will filing do the job though?
  9. I have been longing to fish some Heritage Fly Fishing waters for a while now in my area. The Falling Springs, Yellow Breeches, and Letrot, and Big Spring Creeks all have the Heritage regulations under certain sections, and that is where most of the wild fish, and most impressive fishing, yet challenging situations are. The regulations state catch and release, and barbless hooks only. I was just curious as to how the best way to get rid of barbs on small dry fly and small-medium nymph hooks. Would it be best to file on the smaller hooks, or use barb crushers? Any help would be much obliged.
  10. Very wonderful, A true sack of doughnuts! (For the fishes) Tight Lines!
  11. Ahhh, Inspiration... Maybe its time for some after christmas fishing.
  12. Thats a nice looking soft hackle stone, there. I like the whispy black stuff. It gives it a buggy look. I see your from North Central PA. I live down around Gettysburg, where do you normally fish?
  13. In the top right, below the olive bugger pattern, I think I saw a similar pattern like those in the last issue of Fly Fisherman, it was in the article about browns around ontario. Any luck with it?
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