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  1. why not fish that as a fly?....the only rules in fly tying and fishing are the ones you create....
  2. So I'm going to Cape Cod this coming weekend for the first time to chase some stripers. My understanding is that they eat a ton of little sand eels at this time. This is my collection thus far. I came up with a squid pattern as well to try out. Let me know if I'm missing anything..Thanks...
  3. thanks Will for the contest once again...congrats to all who participated and took places...Thanks to everyone that voted for my flies...tight lines
  4. congrats man...I told you it would be your turn soon...
  5. a new bass streamer I have been using....combo of wool, rabbit strips and marabou....lots of water push, lots of movement...
  6. very nice popper...now we just need the waters to warm a bit so you can get slammed by a monster bucket...
  7. I just voted as well....Great work everyone...
  8. man have things changed in the bass world...that's awesome..thanks for sharing
  9. really nice looking flies....
  10. thanks Greg...I had a duh moment and didn't recognize the user name...The fly sinks slow...It has a large size lead dumbell....Full testing on fish will begin in one month or so....
  11. thank you....Fly Samurai...you were able to put one in the water? ...due tell
  12. thanks all....needed to get my warm water boxes started....
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