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  1. Thank you very much mtyburski I'm glad you like it
  2. Thank you guys for your nice comments Yeah maybe I give a try for that Brown Recluse
  3. Thank you for your nice comments MW and Adam
  4. I'm glad you guys like it
  5. Here is my Mayfly This Mayfly is tied on hook size 14
  6. Here is my "lady in black" Black Widow spider tied on hook size 16. Some of you might have seen it at the shows... but I thought to share it ones more
  7. Here is one nice Caddis pattern... Deer hair, CDC and Organza combined together. I don't remember where this pattern originally came, but this is my version from it... I¨ll hope you guys like it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1fEbXYCtPnQ
  8. J Tapio

    Popa Caddis

    Thank you guys, glad to hear that you like the video and pattern all the credits to Mr. Oliver Edwards I have had great results with it in near surface... and yes like Rocco said if wants to get pattern faster and closer to the bottom some extra weight will help absolutely
  9. J Tapio

    Popa Caddis

    Popa Caddis pattern. This fly imitates diving caddis. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AmeDlkk4Iv8
  10. J Tapio

    Glow Nymph

    Hi Adam, Thank you, let's hope you won't get a warning from such a nice comment
  11. J Tapio

    Glow Nymph

    Here is easy to tie nymph pattern for trout and grayling fishing... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imdBMeS2goA
  12. Hello fellow fly tiers and fly fishers. Just wanted to point out some new products from ALFA FISHING PRODUCTS. Some new fly fishing products can be found here Alfa Fishing Products
  13. Great scorpion Graham :headbang: You have done really great job on this one, like always my friend.
  14. Cool looking larva Keep up the good work and show us more :headbang:
  15. Nice fly Ulf Really nice . Keep it up buddy.
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