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  1. Thanks BHD! Man, it's been a while eh? Too long. We should get together and chase some Erie steel sometime! Puj
  2. Incredible stuff! Congrats to all who participated and hats off to the winners! Nick
  3. Hey guys, Merry Christmas! Just a heads up that the show will debut on December 26th at 6:30pm EST instead of 7pm as originally planed. This way people can still catch the start of the World Junior Hockey Championships at 7. Happy holidays and I hope those who get WFN or WFNHD enjoy the show! Truly, Nick
  4. Hey Phil, it's not all Canadian, we've shot 2 international episodes, one in Chile (Patagonia) and one in Alaska. Other than that, the remaining 11 episodes are shot in Canada, from coast to coast. We plan to add more vaiety in the future but Canada is so big and has so much to offer that we won't run out of venues anytime soon Cheers, Nick
  5. Hey Phil, appreciate the comments! Thank you! Unfortunately we didn't make it to Newfoundland during season 1, but we do have it in our sights for '09. All of the brookies you see in the trailers are from either Ontario (Esnagami River) or just inside the Quebec border at la Reserve Beauchene. As for flies, there is no specific mention of patterns, but you do see which flies we're using in almost every case. The patterns themselves aren't complex, and there are tying segments for a few of them, albit it very brief. Hope you get a chance to see the premier! Cheers, Nick
  6. December 12th, 2008 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fly Max Films Announces New Fly Fishing Television Series on WFN & WFNHD! CLICK HERE TO VIEW FLY MAX TV TRAILER! TORONTO - Fly Max Films, a Canadian production company in a strategic partnership with The Canadian Fly Fisher Magazine, announced a ground-breaking new television series today dubbed “Fly Max TV”, set to debut on WFN: World Fishing Network this Boxing Day, December 26th at 7:00pm EST. Fly Max TV Season 1 shatters the conventional fishing TV show mold! With over 30 hosts and a total of 11 Canadian and 2 international fly fishing destinations formatted into 13 half-hour episodes. The unique “less-talk, more fishing” approach is sure to give viewers more of what they want with no added fluff. During Fly Max TV Season 1, viewers will follow the Fly Max Films crew on a chase for over 20 different species of freshwater fish on the fly! Never before has so much variety been showcased on a fly fishing TV show in a single season. Best of all, Fly Max TV Season 1 is filmed in stunning full 1080HD! “After nearly two years of production, we’re very excited to go to air with Fly Max TV in Canada and the US! We are out to redefine perceptions of fly fishing, and we believe we’ve got the right product to do it!” say Nick Pujic and Paul Langford, Executive Producers. “It doesn't matter if you've fly fished before or not, or if you have fished period, once you watch Fly Max TV you will want to go!" Unlike most made-for-television shows, Fly Max TV is engineered to spark new interest in fly fishing while breaking down old misconceptions through a fast paced style that is fun and exciting to watch. It's all about the fishing and the passion that drives anglers to fish, without the typical host-oriented filler. With Fly Max TV a cornerstone in a long-term strategic partnership with Fly Max Films, the addition of television programming to The Canadian Fly Fisher Magazine’s existing media platforms is significant, entrenching the publishing company as the clear cross-platform media leader in the Canadian fly fishing industry. Fly Max TV will reach an estimated 5 million households in Canada on WFN and an additional 15 million households in the United States on WFN & WFNHD. Be sure to tune in to WFN on Friday, December 26th at 7:00pm EST for the World Premiere! About WFN WFN: World Fishing Network is Canada’s only 24/7 network dedicated to all segments of fishing with programming that covers instruction, tips, tournaments, travel, food, boating, outdoor lifestyle and more. WFN’s coverage includes a selection of the best international series and the most diverse species coverage of any outdoor network. WFN was originally launched in December 2005 as North America’s first channel dedicated to covering every aspect of the angling and sport fishing industry. WFN is distributed across Canada and is available in the United States on Verizon, FiOS and DISH Network. WFN is online at www.wfn.tv
  7. Hey guys! Thanks very much. Honestly I've never shook so bad after a fish as I did after that one. Surprisingly the fight wasn't as crazy as one might imagine. The fish hit close to the boat, not even all that hard, and stayed deep for a few minutes. I actually thought we had a smaller pike on or something at first. When it did come up we were able to net it first try (thank God) so the whole thing was over pretty quickly. I do have a cradle but lost a muskie trying to use it the week before so we went right for the oversized muskie net this time around. The fish wasn't out of the water for more than a few seconds at a time. The water temp was around 45' so the fish was able to recover rather quickly and swim back off into the depths. It was surprisingly cooperative which being handled. I've had fish half that size throw a way bigger fit during the un-hooking process. Strange how that works sometimes eh! As for the flies, the "lip" that you see at the front is actually made of foam. It provides enough resistance when retrieved to pull the fly down and give it a wiggle action - kind of like a floating jointed rapala really. Here is a link to the Graham Coombes site who make the flies for us. http://www.swimtrue.com/ I also have another buddy, Rob O'Reilly who ties similar patterns with hard CnC'ed plastic lips which he ties in at the front. Same concept, different lip material - just as effective. I'm hoping to get back out there again tomorrow and see if we can't pull off a repeat! Will keep you guys posted. Thanks for all of the input! Cheers, Puj
  8. Hey guys...hope everyone is well, and is making the most of what's left of the season. Just wanted to share some recent muskie success on the fly. The flies we're running are tied by Graham Coombes (Swim True Flies). Back and chartreuse, about 12" long with a glass rattle and tandem hooks. Has anyone else tried geting muskie on the fly? Fall definitely seems to be the best time to target the big ones.... We're running Airflo 40+ lines with the integrated intermediate sinktips. While we've had some luck, I still think there is a lot of room for improvement. Any tips / tricks from other members for muskie on the fly? Cheers, Puj
  9. Hi ILikeFish, I've been using the Mongoose for about 3 years now and absolutely love it. It comes with both a pedestal and a C clamp, and it's own travel case. Very sturdy vise with good hook holding power covering a wide range of hook sizes. The rotary feature is top notch as well. Good luck with your decision! Cheers, Nick
  10. Guys, I couldn't believe my eyes when this showed up from the printers. Will did such a great job and I think everyone who has ordered one so far is in for quite a surprise. Without doubt, this is an impressive publication and yet another fine feather in the FTF community's cap! Great going to everyone involved! Cheers, Puj
  11. WOW! That is a nice one!!! Puj
  12. From: http://www.fish.state.pa.us/pafish/fishhtms/chap16.htm Golden Rainbow Trout Oncorhynchus mykiss Species overview: The golden rainbow trout is a gold-orange rainbow trout raised under artificial fish culture conditions and stocked as a novelty for angling sport. The golden rainbow was developed from one fish, a single female trout with a genetic mutation that gave her a mixed golden and normal rainbow trout coloration. She was found in the West Virginia hatchery system in 1954. Through selective breeding with regularly marked rainbow trout, an all-gold, golden rainbow trout was developed. In 1963, this fish strain was popularized as the “West Virginia Centennial Golden Trout.” Pennsylvania and other states hybridized the pure strain of West Virginia golden trout with normal rainbows and produced palomino trout, which were true genetic palominos. Palomino trout were first stocked in Pennsylvania in 1967. Since then, the genetic strain in Pennsylvania has weakened, but in recent years the hybrid was selectively bred back closer to the stronger, better-colored golden rainbow trout. Although palominos were stocked as both average-sized and large trout, today’s golden rainbow is raised only to trophy size for anglers and stocked throughout the state. The golden rainbow trout is a different species than the golden trout (Oncorhynchus aguabonita) of some California streams. In fish hatcheries, the rainbow trout has occasionally produced other unusual genetic mutations, such as the blue rainbow trout, whose body color is sky-blue. Identification: Golden rainbows are a deep golden-yellow in body color, with pinkish lower fins, pink or red tones on their cheeks and with the rainbow’s reddish lateral stripe. There is no spotting on the body or fins. The Pennsylvania record golden rainbow trout is over 11 pounds. Habitat: The golden rainbow trout’s habitat preferences are identical to those of the normally colored rainbow trout. It is stocked throughout the state in appropriate trout waters. No rainbow trout or golden rainbows are planted in the Lake Erie watershed. Life history: The golden rainbow is reared in fish culture stations. Spawning in the wild is unlikely, because golden rainbows are highly visible in streams both to anglers and predators like blue herons and ospreys. Golden rainbows and palomino rainbows grow larger and faster than regular rainbows. They have “hybrid vigor,” a trait often seen in crossbred plants and animals. Their food preferences are similar to those of other trout.
  13. Hey guys, this isn't about the shots but rather the fish as they were simply stunning! I've never seen them before. Kind of hard to describe the pink irredesence with the yellow backdrop. Wild & beautiful! Male Female Cheers, Nick
  14. Pujic

    New Video Project

    Oatka, I've been working on things for 10 years now and still work between 70 - 90 hours a week to make helicopters appear in videos and on the pagaes on fly mags, etc.... When I do go fishing, its never for "just for fun"...it's always associated with taking pictures, doing stories, shooting an episode, you get the drift... Even though I love what I do and I would do it until I had nothing left if I had to, its important to consider associating a passion with a profession. Making something you love to do your business can lead to a volatile situation. Nick
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