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  1. I like the black thread...often tie baitfish imitations, especially chub imitations, with black thread. Most chubs and daces in my local streams are often not white, but bronze, silver, brown, and black....especially black nosed daces.....we all know that sometimes it's not the color of the fly, but the overall profile and action that entices a strike. Very nice tie!
  2. Would make a nice leech/hellgrammite pattern for smallies!
  3. I would love it if you northern guys would come to Kentucky and take your winter back...a balmy 13 degrees at my place right now...global warming my big butt!
  4. Love this time of year in Kentucky. Most of my natural bucktail cache comes from road kill deer with thick winter tails. With any road kill harvesting, use caution. Number one, make sure it's legal in your state, or watch for Johnny Po Po and his buddies. Number two, if the animal smells gamey or is becoming rancid, it's often not worth saving unless it's a very unusual find. Number Three, use a little personal safety and never try to remove an animal from the road or harvest an animal that is too close to the lane of traffic. Number four, WASH you hands and scrub your nails if you're not using gloves.
  5. BigDaddyHub


    A really cheap way to protect a phone is to place it into a good quality gripper seal sandwich bag, remove all the air from the bag, and then place the bag with the phone into another bag and seal it up....has saved several phones and I pads over the last several years....the trick is to use good quality bags...cheap ones will certainly leak. I never was a huge fan of cell phones on the water until I had two heart attacks and now have small children....good to have in an emergency...if you don't want the nuisance of incoming calls, turn it off until it's needed.
  6. Shoebop is dead on with the pic...great little pattern for smallies. Imitates craws, stoneflies, dragon fly nymphs,etc......match the color scheme to the color schemes of the bugs in your local waters.
  7. A great go to pattern for crappie in Kentucky is the good ole white bugger.......when the water warms I add a little chartreuse to the head with great results. Have fun experimenting with different patterns!
  8. Lefty said it best..."Give them groceries." Bigger flies mean bigger fish....Even if you have to cast it with a telephone pole and aircraft cable, chances are something will eventually take it...fishing big flies may mean fewer fish, but the fish you take are always bigger....it's the patience of the angler that often determines the success of large patterns. Great fish, by the way!
  9. BigDaddyHub


    Reckon Steve will boot us to the Joke of the Day for this???? HAHHA!
  10. BigDaddyHub


    What's black and tan and looks good on an inmate?????? Wait for it.... a German Shepherd! I'll be here all night, tip your waitress!
  11. Love it when a big blue or channel busts a craw fly or shad pattern in my favorite smallie haunts....I ain't no purist....a fish is a fish!
  12. Tie a similiar, albiet not as elegant, pattern...swims fine...my flies are un weighted and I use a small split shot about 3 inches above the fly....gives it a depth and a great "slow sink" after the strip because sinker sinks faster than the fly....shoulod be a very productive pattern utyer! Thank you for sharing this one!
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