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  1. Had a Regal, had a renzetti, had a no name, started with a model A, and now I have a norvise and wouldn't use any other vise. It's a different paradigm and you need to get used to the bobbin, but once you've gotten through the learning curve it won't be easy to give up. You can do anything that you can on any other rotary vise, plus it spins giving you the ability to do things that no other vise does. I don't know of any other vise, that if you call the phone number, the designer, engineer, chief mechanic, and all around great guy picks up the phone. When I first saw Norm at the shows back in the early 90's I thought he was the "ginsu knife" guy of vises, it just looked to smooth and slick to be real. From personal experience, you can tie everything from a 24 to a 9/0 on the vise.
  2. When I heard that this book was coming out I put an order in. Not expecting it until July, I was pleasantly surprised to find it on the door step today. Gary's books and tying were very inspiring for me in the 90's, I still miss the stories (As Al writes some even partially true) and excellent wit and humor. I haven't made it halfway through the book, but it's very Gary like with the personal antidotes around each pattern. Al and Gretchen, Paul and Char ... an excellent job I'm looking forward to the remainder. Maybe I can tote it along to Montana and have you sign it. Thanks for the excellent tribute to GL. :headbang: :headbang:
  3. If you buy it as luggage it's pretty cheap, as soon as the words "tackle" "fishing" "fly tying" are attached it goes up 175%. For you guys that do shows, check out the inexpensive softsided roller luggage and you'll end up spending about 1/4 of the price and move your stuff on wheels.
  4. Bud Guidry had a JC thread going in the classic salmon forum with some great pictures showing the different grades. Top grade is all about very few splits and good color. $25 capes have 90% splits. Stuff from $100 - $250 should be limited splits, and of course $250 should be near perfect. Color is important as well, if you're paying $$ you want good oranges,yellows, black blacks, and white eyes on those nails.
  5. Mark, If you're looking for 6" hooks, I only know one place in the world that has a hook like that. So put 15k of the 20k hooks that you own (I can't imagine that much steel) on ebay, and buy some of the hooks that you need. Service Tech, sent a PM.
  6. Here's one thing that will guarantee that your wing slips explode - wrapping back over your first wrap will blow em up. From your first wrap where you set your slips don't ever wrap back past that point while you're building your head or shazamm it will turn it into wet fly on crack.
  7. kenneth K pointed out for anyone interested in a flyhive, they (flyhatch) are selling them cheap on line flyhive I don't think you can beat that price for brand new ... Matt you better go buy 4 or 5 at that price :headbang: :headbang:
  8. Speaking of flyhive ... I have a flyhive and a DB Dunn organizer that I would be willing to get rid of. PM me if you're interested.
  9. Ordered my copy. Great plan ... and we're looking forward to this. Please consider including some of Graham's photo's in future publications... if you haven't seen his photos visit the photography forum and check out his bird shots. :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:
  10. Don't let your Girlfriend see this post ... :hyst:
  11. Try Cathy Ransier at [email protected] Cathy is co-owner of Gary LaFontaine's mail order business and worked for Gary.
  12. There are a number of Nor-vise users on this board. Many of us do no production tying. I had a renzetti and a regal and thompson and all have been replace by the NV. It's easy to travel with and you always have a tying table with you. Don't be afraid to contact Norm he is more than happy to answer questions, and what other vise can you call and talk with the engineer & salesman?
  13. There are a number of patterns out there for the stuff. The late Gary LaFontaine introduced the "electronics packing material" as a tying material in 1993 (see TroutFlies proven patterns). The cool thing is he reached some of the exact same conclusions that you did. It can be colored, makes a great carapace material, light shows thru, makes a great midge gill (keeps em in the film). Some of Gary's patterns: Halo midge, Mess, and the famous "Air Head". Gary even sold different thicknesses through his Book company Greycliff, and they still carry it greycliff
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