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  1. I hope I started this in the right forum. I`ve been hashin` the idea of making a turner for rod building,fly & lure drying, etc. I found an electric can opener for $2.00 at the thrift store and was hoping someone could point me in the direction of some plans or pics of one they`ve made. I know this can`t be too difficult. Many Thanks, Burch
  2. I coated a few with epoxy but haven`t tried `em yet. Some of the comercial poppers have a hard coat of something and i`d bet it`s epoxy. I`ll try mine this weekend and give ya a report. burch
  3. I`m still waiting for a reply from the administrator.
  4. I know, I know, why make `em when ya can just buy `em. I was just thinking about ways to make hologram eyes. Does anyone make their own ? I would guess you might be able to make them out of epoxy but that`s just a guess. burch
  5. I just love their prices and they don`t try and rape ya on shipping either. burch
  6. For some reason i`m only getting some of the pictures on the web page. For example: on the Emoticons, some are there and some are blocks with a red X in the middle. Any ideas ? Burch
  7. I`d like to start tying some EP flies and was wondering if anyone has came up with a suitable material sustitute. You know, maybe something at the craft store, Wally World, etc. I just hate paying premium prices for this stuff. Some of these people act like their stuff came from another part of the world and has been lost in time for ever. Since i`ve joined this forum I hardly ever go to the Fly shop for material thanks to the many creative folks here. Burch
  8. Now this is some info. Keep it comin` fellas
  9. I`m wanting to color some of my foam poppers and was wondering what type paints to use ? Also, what do I use to clear coat them with for a finish ? I tried a sharpie on one of `em and it just bleeds even after a few days of drying. Burch
  10. Including the Fly Logic rods that 2bonthewater mensioned what are some other good rods at the $100 mark in a 4wt.
  11. I was wanting some opinions on Courtland rods. The Pro Cast kinda caught my eye. I`m looking for a graphite/med. action/5-6 wt. 8`-9` rod. I spotted these at www.flybass.biz Anyhow, I don`t have the funds for a high dollar rod so any recommendations will be appreciated. The Pro Cast is 100% graphite/ hard chrome guides/ anodized aluminum reel seats and run $100. Probably low/mid quality but not a bad price for the perks. I`m now fishing with a Scientic Angler that has a plastic reel seat ( that`s right I said plastic )so i`m looking to get something a little better to fish with. Burch
  12. Your always willing to pass on good knowledge Tidewaterfly and again I thank ya. I went to the fly shop yesterday and they hooked me up with the right bead eyes for 1/0 & 2/0 hooks so i`m finally good to go their. I found out the bead eyes i`ve been using will work with flies on the crazy charlie level. The ones I bought we`re the large ones and the guy said they`ll work fine for the size hooks i`m using. I`ll check out your link on weed guards and many thanks. Burch
  13. Well I tried my luck this morning using a Clouser, Crazy Charlie and a streamer. I didn`t have any luck but the flies i`ve tied seem to swim pretty nice except the Clouser minnow. I used the bead chain eyes with the hook point swimming down. I tied white bucktail hair over the eyes and a dark bucktail hair under the eyes and over the hook point. The problem is the fly swam with the white up. Now i`m no rocket scientist but doesn`t the white represent the belly of the minnow ? I`m guessing the Clouser minnow is suppose to swim hook point up and the bead chain is the wrong thing to use. I`m fishing the flats and was hoping someone could let me know what size dumbell eyes to get so the minnow will swim hook point up. Also, do any of you guys tie in a weed guard and do you use mono and what lb. test if so ? Many Thanks, Burch
  14. What material is the weed guard on the Clouser and how is it tied in ?
  15. Thank ya Fred for the crab pattern. I do have a few Clouser`s i`ve tied up already.
  16. Thank ya kindly Tidewaterfly, that`ll give me more than enough to keep me fishing for a while.
  17. I live on the East Coast of Florida near Cape Canaveral. I need some ideas for Spotted Trout flies, Snook, and Red Fish. I`m new to the salt water fly fishing and need some patterns to work with. I was hoping to get tutorials on em but i`m not gonna be too picky about it. I just finished a couple this morning. The Mark Sosin Blockbuster and Joe Brooks Platinum Blonde. This evening`s plan is taking my daughter out for some fresh water Bream but was wanting to have a few salties tied up for next weekend. Many Thanks, Burch
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