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  1. Hi guys,can you get fly line that's wff and with a clear tip or clear full lenght line,for clear water carpin.
  2. Hi guy's, here is sum of the carp that's ive landed on flie's i've tyed myself. The fly in this fish mouth i've name it as a carp parrot.
  3. Hey you carp guys,keep posting up flie's for me to tie up,as it's winter here tying time. thank's to steve p & jhammer keep them cuming guy's.
  4. Hi hammer, those look so good,i may have to tie up same with a twist,a head stand craw and see how thay go.
  5. Hi all, As a beginner to tying & fly fishing,am after tips from all you carp fly fishers on tying up flie's,picking the write fly for diffrent situation. Whots your top 5 must have flie's for carp. thank you carpflynut.
  6. Look up PNG BLACK BASS for the worlds hardes fighting fish.
  7. Hi guy's thanks Yes thay can be hard to catch here as wall,one water i fish they are up to 25lb with most being 16-18lb,but the biggest fish hooked sum 15 years ago 34lb. The fly i use wooly worm,wooly bugger,bread fly
  8. As it's winter here and summer in the usa,here sum carp pic's
  9. Do certain materials have to uesd for certain flys,or can you use somthing else in it place how do you no whot else can be used.Can you use egg yarn on wooly buggers instead of chenille to make it sink slower, not spook fish when it hits bottom. cheers Carpflynut.
  10. Hi guys & girls, I'm cameron just started tying and fly fishing this year,but been fishing from age 3 and loving it. i went carp fishing with the fly rod and after 7 fish running hard into the backing,i'm hooked on carp on fly ,so all your help with tying up fly and tip on casting will great. THANK YOU cheers carpflynut.
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