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  1. Well, my "Old Reliable" Scientific Anglers 6wt rod has been nearing retirement for a while after 16 great years of service. I've done my homework and research and decided on a replacement rod. I didn't want a rod that was going to break the bank, but I wanted something that is of good quality, so I ended up purchasing a 9' 6wt Echo Solo rod. They look good and I've heard lots of great things about them. I've heard great things about Echo in general. Anyone here have any experience with an Echo Solo? The best part is the warranty, which may come in handy for the kind of fly fishing I do.
  2. +1 for foam flies. I've nailed many bass on foam panfish flies.
  3. My hook range is pretty short. I've tied size 3/0 pike flies to size 14 panfish bugs.
  4. When I first got into them, I used size 8 woolly buggers in rust brown, olive, and black. I've caught a lot of carp on buggers. (Plus, everything else eats them.) I've tied and fished with all kinds of carp flies and sometimes, the bugger still comes back to save the day.
  5. I would recommend getting a good name brand line right out of the box. I've made the mistake of getting bargain lines from the big-chain outdoor stores. "It's made by so-and-so." I thought it was a good idea. Until I started casting. I don't advertise, but I stick with SA and Rio. Climax makes a decent line too. I slapped one on my 8wt and did a few practice casts and liked the results.
  6. My normal is..."The sun got in my eyes" My brother lives out west and actually had a guy on the river tell him there was a great Adams hatch going on. He about fell over laughing !!! M son likes to blame the tress when in reality he didn't look at his surroundings, he had tunnel vision directed at the feeding fish LOL.... Paul About once every outing, I make that perfectly executed cast we all dream of and admire. I take my perfect loops and cast them beautifully....right into an oak tree. "..I tripped over a rock" is another one of mine.
  7. I have them on a couple furled leaders and I've noticed nothing that impedes the leader. No hinging, etc.
  8. I've used the wind excuse many times when I've fudged a cast.
  9. Looks like your carp is a grass carp. Nice catch! They can be pretty tricky to fool sometimes! I've had lots of fish fight all kinds of ways. I've caught bluegill that fought harder than any bass, and I've caught pike that fought like a wet noodle. I guess it depends on their mood.
  10. Howdy all! I took advantage of the beautiful weather and decided to go out to the ponds yesterday. I went out two different times. I went with my wife's grandpa early in the afternoon, and then by myself in the evening. The first time out, I took my 6wt because it looked a little windy and I managed 8 fish on size 10 foam spiders. Then, I returned with my 2wt and caught 10 more fish on foam spiders. It was nice and calm and fish were hitting on nearly every cast. I even had a big grass carp staring at the spider. I'm certainly a believer in UL fly fishing because every time I've taken out the 2wt, I've had a blast. It's more fun than throwing my big clunky 8wt around for carp. That's for sure.
  11. If by some chance it's an old silk line, you may be able to put some new life back into it. However, it's most likely be a modern plastic line. If it's been stored well, it may cast fairly decent, but a new line would probably be a good idea.
  12. I use small woolly buggers and streamers and I just cast them wherever looks good. I've done it that way for years and have always done well. If the creek has a little more current, I'll throw in a mend or two to help the fly get down and then I'll start retrieving it.
  13. I don't have much to add than what has already been said. I'm sorry to hear about the seizures. Besides what other problems I have, I also have epilepsy. I know all too well what you're going through. Seizures are no fun. I started having seizures out of nowhere in 2009. My family hates seeing me have a tonic-clonic (grand mal) seizure because they are very scary.
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