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  1. I recently received the baitfish box from Fly Tyers Dungeon, and holy cow that is a lot of material ! I am not sure if I ever will get through it all. I was thinking it would be fun to post all the congo hair/EP patterns that everyone has been dreaming up, from the practical to the whimsical. I recently started trying my hand at salmon flies, and decided to incorperate some congo hair into the design. I just started and this was my second tie, but I can tell that I am going to need to start taking Zanex before tying the next one . I do have more patterns but I am at work and only had the one picture. I can't wait to see all your designs!! Rob
  2. What size wire do you use? I have read on other similar posts about others worries about adding too much weight with the wire, does this concern you? Lastly, do you wax the wire to keep the material on the wire while spinning? Sorry to grill you like that, looks like I have all the materials to construct this and am excited. Rob
  3. Ed, I dont feel 100% about giving out his email, but I emailed my father in law regarding your situation. Unfortunately, he is shoddy at best when it comes to email responsiveness. How long are you there for? If I hear anything back from him I will get in touch with you. Rob
  4. Hello Everyone, I have been reading and tying with a feverish pace for the upcoming trip. I also received another email from my father in law stating that he will likely be focusing on Bones, Permit and the toothy critters (barracuda, etc...). Does anyone have a good pattern for the 'cudas that I could whip up? I am thinking about just tying baitfish types with synthetics for this. Also, while perusing the interweb, I came across a site that mentioned that permit can smell the cement on the head of the fly , has anyone heard of this/had this be an issue? I am using a basic water based cement and Loons UV knot sense. Thanks, Rob
  5. FlyFishin'Jam, I can only assume that you mean the island with bonefish, I personally do not know the location of the island but apparently A fly fisherman named Trapper Rudd found the island and my father in law contacted him after seeing a video on YouTube, http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=bY3y2vRypB0. I am not sure if this link will work but search Trapper Rudd Tsunami Bonefish, should be able to find this. Simon, those are great flies and I like the idea of sparse clousers, both for fishing and on my wallet . I will definitely tie some of those, I do need to go shopping for more congo hair. I currently only have white and chartreuse. I love those shrimp you posted, I am becoming a big fan of tying them. What did you use for weight on the last one? If any.
  6. Hello Everyone, I have been on this site almost everyday since I found it about a year ago (I think), and I can't get enough. Anyways, I was hoping all you fine people could help me out. I am heading to Bali for about 20 days in December. I am going to visit my wife's father who lives there. He is an avid fly fisherman and is looking to actually set up a guide service there. Unfortunately, he sold almost all his gear when he moved there a couple years ago, and now he is settled and looking to restock. He has asked my wife and I to bring some stuff for him, mentioning tippet and flies. I am sure he is going to need a bit more than that, so I ask you, my fellow tyers, what should I bring this man, what would you bring? He is primarily going to be fishing in the flats, and apparently there is a spot with untouched bonefish on an island somewhere (he is very excited about this one). I am not sure is if he is going to to be fishing the open blue but I would like to be prepared for this as well. I have attached some pictures of my flies that I have made so far, but I will likely need to buy some as well. These flies are on 2's and 6's, and I know I need to get bigger hooks for open water. Thanks in advance, Rob C. Also, I am always trying to learn new and better tricks for tying, any and all critiques are welcome. Some Clousers I put together; bucktail, synthetics (crinckle fiber(?), congo hair), or both (size 2 & 6) Here i have some charlies, gotchas, possibly hybrid together. plus a little crab (all size 6). I am particularly proud of these two. And finally, some shrimp/crayfish patterns (fox hair, congo hair, furry foam, etc.)
  7. Hello Everyone, I was hoping to get a little advise on what to tie/bring to a fishing trip in southern Utah. My wife and I are planning on stopping near Panguitch Lake outside of Bryce Canyon during the middle of September. I was able to research the BWO and caddis flies will be hatching around that time, can anyone confirm this and does anyone have any advice on where we might have the best luck in the area? Thanks!
  8. Thanks for the insight. I guess I could add some red eyes in where the roe sac is located and wrap the chenille around it. Good idea. And I did add some generic head cement but I think moving to the surf I need to get some epoxy or the like. Thanks again.
  9. Hello everyone, I must say this is the most interesting site. I keep finding new things that I want to tie everyday. Anyway, I am just getting into surf fishing and have been tying my own flies. I have been tying mainly clousers as I have the materials but wanted to tie other patterns. I have been looking on this site and others and have found what I was looking for and this is the result. I tyed this on a 6 stainless hook, the main body and claws are red fox hair (from foxie red minnows) the egg sac is volcano chenille and the feelers on the front are fluor red buck tail, bronze flashabou, and rootbeer krystal flash. I have several wraps of ~.020 lead wire and the thread is fluor orange. My main question would be if this would be an acceptable pattern for the surf in So Cal (Los Angeles), and if the pattern will run hook point up like I hope. Also any critiques about the pattern would be much appreciated. And yes it is cell phone pictures.
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