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  1. Holy catfish! Nice job. What state u catch him in?
  2. Cabelas is good line for the money. Heck I found a spool of 7wt at their Hammond,Indiana store on sale for like $19 last fall.
  3. The Shad is articulated with 4 segments.The white fly is craft fur and head is coated with Seal-All.
  4. I'd say. Nice bronzeback! How long?
  5. Absolutely fantastic Stippled. What kind of action do the Rabid dog bodies have in the water? Do they dive down?
  6. It's like a Mickey Finn on steroids! I really like it. I wanna see that bitch in action! What weight of fly rod u throwing it on? And also what was the brown fly with legs on turning machine?
  7. Nice tie! Where do I get Liquid Fusion? Smallie catchers for sure. Thanks for posting Cream.
  8. Man those are nice flies, especially the top one. Is there a video on how to tie it? Thanks
  9. Well I fish small rivers and creeks. 4 feet deep is the deepest holes. I tend to switch from crawdad flies to streamer patterns. Action is starting to heat up here in central Illinois. I'm gonna throw some Barto minnows, bigger Clousers and the SBS fly.
  10. What's everybody throw for fall Smallies when the water starts to cool down? Right now I'd say my waters are 55-62 degrees.
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