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  1. Ive tried and tried to make mono shrimp eyes and just haven't found a technique I liked. It would save me a money too!! Good posts here from PJ and Capt Bob. I should make a go at making eyes on some of my flies. I like the added step actually and "artists" touch.
  2. Thanks PJ! They are called Crabby Pattys. A fly that mostly is glued together! Ive been working on the house a lot which left me little fishing time, ie less time at the vise. But Im back at it with a Tarpon trip (or lack thereof tarpon trip) coming in April. Trying to gear up for that. Morals charges were dropped because of Baaaaaaddd witnesses. See what I did there?
  3. Its been awhile since I chimed in, but have been lurking a bit. Here is a crab pattern I tie for several guides. It has a weighted carapiece and hook so it falls fast and flat.
  4. Mostly bucktail..some marabou at the articulation
  5. Thanks Ditz! I will do that. I leave Friday for Traverse Bay. Cant wait. Will definitely report back
  6. I absolutely love sculpin helmets. Dont even know why..but I just think they are effective and cool!
  7. I have not. Where I am fishing I need weight (per the guide). So..I listened lol. May do some just bead chain though to have!
  8. Finally sat down at the vise over the weekend. Its been a few weeks. Just too nice out and too many projects going on. In any case here is a bunch of carp flies.. all patterns I found online. I forget most of the names but they all looked pretty good. I changed some things based on material I had. Going to be fishing the flats in Traverse bay in a couple weeks so I am gearing up.
  9. Man, quite the pictures Dave! Good job on the reds in the original post too!
  10. I love the Tarantula brush. Nicely done with the tarpon!!
  11. Tomato or Tomaaatooo lo I can appreciate the question and it looks like youve gotten the help you need. Im here just to derail the thread, as usual.
  12. Looks awesome! Id like to see more of it.
  13. That hook is too small in my own opinion. Ive been fishing for them for years and use generally 6/0-8/0 hooks. Fish for life.. I use blades a lot for musky. I generally do a two handed retrieve with them to keep the blade thumping.
  14. I use spinning blades quite often on my musky flies. They will catch you flack from the "purists" but they certainly work. I would use it. As a hint... use some material like bucktail in the body to create more bulk!
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