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  1. Just curious about your screen name. At what point do you think you might need to change that? You won't be a noob forever.
  2. Looks like the back of your wing case rolled a bit when you tied it in, if you can't hold it in place while you tie it in, place it so that as it rolls, it moves into place. Also, if you taper stuff up a bit more, the bead will look more like an integrated bit of the fly. I like your tail, check it when you fish it, it may trap a bubble in it, I like it when that happens, I think it adds a little something.
  3. No on the hoppers. Despite the large expansive grasslands, I did not see a single hopper. The fish seemed to only want small nymphs and red worms.
  4. Gray Reef on the North Platte is really fishing well. Red rock worms and small brown RS2's are the ticket!
  5. North Platte, that's what I meant. Sorry, it's been a crazy couple of days. I got the dispatch yesterday to be out there tomorrow.
  6. Work is sending me to the Casper area for about two weeks. Hoping to fish the Frying Pan for trout. Any tips, pointers or "oh, don't forget"s?
  7. I have The Compleat Angler, struggling to read it. Read the Longest Silence...not bad. All Fishermen are Liars I have and read in about three days, great as expected and I am heading out to pick up an autographed copy in a few weeks. Nick Lyons sounds great. Going to order some of his stuff. About to place an order for about 10 books from Amazon. Kind of thinking this thread should be pinned.
  8. Thought it was time to revive this thread. I have read quite a bit of what was suggested and am getting to order another round. I want to thank y'all specifically for The River Why and The Earth is Enough. I often recommend them to others and describe The Earth is Enough as a cross between A River Runs Through It and Second Hand Lions. Oldtrout58, where did you manage to get your hands on a copy of Starlight Creek Anglers Society? Can't find it.
  9. I live in SE GA so I don't have a home trout water. So when I get a chance to fish the cold, I bring as many boxes as I can with as many different patterns as I can. I recently got a new vest, the Simms G3 Guide Vest, and am still figuring out how to fit more boxes in it.
  10. I may be able to hack the cold to fish the Platte on the company dime.
  11. I am probably heading to Julesburg, CO next week for work. I have two questions. 1) What are the chances that the South Platte River through that area will be fishable next week? 2) I will be flying into Denver and hope to have some time to check out some shops. I already intend to stop at Charlie's Fly Box, are there any other awesome shops you guys might recommend?
  12. Is anyone familiar with Irideus fly lines? I have been trolling Ebay for a sinking line for a 6wt line and these keep popping up. The price on them is pretty cheap so I am quite suspect since I have only seen them on ebay.
  13. I just spend a portion of the evening cleaning all of my fly lines and came to two realizations: 1) I need a new reel for my 9WT, STH reels are crap and (http://www.bearsden.com/page293.html). It was my first reel and I did no research. I was really stupid and thought that all gold colored fly reels must be good. Yes, I know the ones in the pic are black but mine was gold. 2) I don't have enough fly rods/reels. Gonna have to rectify both of those problems. Thinking a nice 4pc 6wt is next on the list.
  14. I recently discovered the flambeau umbrella rig boxes. I love them. The spools fit standing up and they hold quite a lot.
  15. I am heading to Olean, NY in a little over a week for work. Is there any trout fishing to be had or is every thing frozen solid?
  16. No, the question and thread was about the fish pictured in the first post. Just saying that now that I know the difference, my dish looks like a brown trout instead of a brookie.
  17. I painted this soap dish a year or two ago at a place in Jacksonville, FL called "Doing Dishes". You go in, pick a piece of pottery and paint it, they fire it in the kiln and then you pick it up later. I use it on my fly tying bench as a catch all for small stuff like flies I want to scrap and such. At the time I intended it as a brook trout but now that I know about the worm patterns I guess it's a brown trout. Guess I'll have to go back and do another piece in a brookie pattern. I've been wanting to do a bowl for soaking biots and quills in anyhow.
  18. I never really thought about the process of fish matting in a stream before but it sounds a bit nasty. One trout just minding his own business, sippin' nymphs when all of a sudden he gets slapped in the face by an errant gob of "milt" from his buddy upstream. I started the thread with an honest question. The replies have been interesting and resulted in the posting of several beautiful trout pictures. I don't currently live in trout territory so I just find it all fascinating. I do know now though that I want to catch a tiger and get the necessary measurements and photos to have a mount made. too pretty.
  19. maybe we should have a poll about limiting polls...
  20. I always take my net when fishing for trout, I wear a vest so it goes on the back with the magnet. I don't bother for warm water or salt unless I am in my kayak, then it sits between my legs.
  21. I want to fish with Koke Winter too.
  22. One of the Brits on this site posted this fly then posted an SBS at my request. looks like a killer fly.
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