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    Jock Scott

    That Heron will make this swim very good! I always tie fishing flies in a lower, slimmer, profile. Got to think about how they will be once they end up in the river.
  2. A set of Jock Scott. A nice variant with the Heron hackle makes for a very fishy fly!
  3. Yes, was there a couple years back as well, great country!
  4. Will be heading to Mljet in September and I know there are some Mahi Mahi around to be fished on, but does anyone have any tips for the island or the surrounding waters?
  5. Yes, was on a waiting list for it for quite a while Where did you buy it? Cookshill? I there is one on eBay for $90, no waiting time. By the way, I tried tying in hand like you suggested. It was a challenge at times, mainly the hackle, but I found it very enjoyable. Cookshill, yes Glad you liked it! I think it is a great way of getting to know the material and look at a fly from a different angle
  6. Yes, was on a waiting list for it for quite a while
  7. It is a custom dubbing needle from Yasuhiro Ogasawara, one of the best hook makers around! I thought for sure that was a not yet bent blind eye hook blank. Perhaps it was made from one? He creates all hooks from scratch, so this is from the same process - you could bend it and work it to get a blind-eye hook, yes
  8. . Nice one! I havent really tried tying in hand. I can hardly even tie in my vice! Try it! Learn a lot about material and how they behave! It is a custom dubbing needle from Yasuhiro Ogasawara, one of the best hook makers around!
  9. Childers, on a #5/0 hook from Flemming. Tied in hand with silk thread and a lot of good wax!
  10. What hook are you using? These are tied Partridge M2 #1/0
  11. x 2 Such beautiful work as always Eide! IMO, your salmon patterns show such perfectionism and certainly make me envious. Thanks for sharing. Thank you both
  12. A big outdoor fair this past weekend, where I also took part in arranging the first Norwegian championship in flytying Also got time to tie up a couple of Green Highlanders
  13. Looks great! I will have to get my hands on some heron. What material is the wing? Wing is Peacock
  14. Glentana Spey, on a Daiichi 2051 #1.5
  15. That was the original plan, but I stopped because I felt that I was trapping to many hackle fibers. In hindsight I should have pressed on, working harder to free the trapped fibers. Thank you for the advise, I really appreciate it. Use your dubbing needle to push the fibers out of the way as you counter-rib, that should get the most out of the way. But: if you catch a few fibers under the counter-rib: don't worry - you can always get them out with the dubbing needle after (or just leave a few under the rib, I do )
  16. One thing; do the counter-rib after you put the hackle on, that way you'll secure the hackle, and it will laster longer in the river!
  17. If you just look at the cost of the feathers on the hook: Not that much Here I have used substitutes, so no cotinga/toucan. When it comes to time, time to tie it: 2-3 hours I guess. I can do it quicker, but this is about taking the time and relaxing while doing it! The JC was the first classic I laid my eyes on when I started tying, but I wisely put that aside and graduated through other classics before I finally tied my first JC last year
  18. Spectacular! I am getting started on some salmon flies, but still have a long way to go. Keep at it! Just repeat - repeat, and pay attention to the details: You'll get there!
  19. Been busy lately, but sat down and got The Major done on saturday Lots of good patterns up here this month!
  20. End of the month, times flies to quickly! Season is soon still a few months away, but keep adding to the box: A Blacker, Shannon No.1, #5/0 hook
  21. I never guessed I would get this far, and I'm still getting new hooks to add Thanks!
  22. Today I crossed a big milestone: 1000 hook pictures on flyhooks.org Thanks to all here that have helped out with this project! http://flyfisher.org/2018/01/flyhooks-org-crossing-1000-hook-pictures/
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