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  1. Britannia variant tied up on one of Flemmings No.4 hooks
  2. GH on a Partridge M2, one of my go-to hooks when it comes to fishing salmon
  3. Thanks tjm! Appreciate that! Have updated with another 100 cards, so now there are 150+ cards on http://flyhooks.org/cardlist
  4. Have added about 50 sale cards to a new card index: http://flyhooks.org/cardlist More to come soon!
  5. Another 29 Mustad boxes added today: http://flyfisher.org/2019/11/flyhooks-org-29-new-mustad-boxes/ And updated the boxes page: https://flyhooks.org/boxes
  6. Thanks! Appreciate that!
  7. 1500 different hook sizes, spread over a few hook types. And I still got quite a few to process over winter..... more to come!
  8. Today flyhooks.org crossed another milestone: 1500 hook images are now available! Read more on http://flyfisher.org/2019/11/flyhooks-org-1500-hook-images/
  9. A freestyle and a couple of patterns tied up over the last week
  10. Been busy with flyhooks.org lately, but had to throw together something over the weekend to keep filling up next years box: The Variegated Sun Fly, Kelson & Pryce-Tannatt version: http://flypattern.org/search?s=variegated
  11. A new section with hooks to gut on flyhooks.org: https://flyhooks.org/togut Some not specifically for flytying, but put them on there for historical reference
  12. Filling up with some Silver Grey variants and Sunray Shadow in various sizes. Autumn has come to Norway, soon time for some salmon fishing downtown Oslo!
  13. Nice one Eide, what hook will you be using? Thanks! Will be using Ahrex single tube http://flyhooks.org/ahrex/hr431 or som small tube doubles I've got
  14. Time to get back and do some tying! Here a few Haugur variants for a upcoming trip
  15. Another 118 hooks added today: Gamakatsu, Hends, Partridge, TMC, Top Fly and Varivas
  16. Added 74 hooks from Akita today: https://flyhooks.org/akita - still more to come from a few other brands!
  17. A summer update on flyhooks.org: added 100+ new hook images for Hanak: https://flyhooks.org/hanak I have also updated the layout and made it more mobile-friendly, so I hope it can continue to help out in the search for the best hook
  18. Yes, that pattern is good, easy to tie and makes a good imitation!
  19. June: fishing, and not tying is on the schedule. But had to sit down and tie up some different mouse patterns to decide what to tie up for a trip up north later this year. What is your favourite mouse pattern?
  20. Thunder & Lightning with a orange heron hackle
  21. Variant of The Chatterer with kingfisher in the body (about 60 feathers) and 10 GP toppings in the wing Hook: Phillips No.4 1xl by Flemming http://flypattern.org/authors/george-m-kelson/book/the-salmon-fly/pattern/the-chatterer
  22. Busy arranging the Norwegian flytying championship (just two more weeks now), but got around to do a Green Highlander yesterday
  23. Black King variants with different body colors http://flypattern.org/authors/arthur-edward-knox/book/autumn-on-the-spey/pattern/black-king
  24. March Brown: filling up with some more classic wets for the upcoming season!
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