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  1. i believe these are the foam bodies the original poster was asking about they are available from cascade crest the shapes can be cut from foam sheets as i mentioned above the above are not available at jstockard or even at rainys website Rainy's Poppers, Foam Fly Tying Materials | J. Stockard (jsflyfishing.com) buy a body punch, and punch them out using whatever color you want i still recommend scissors to cut them to shape cricut machines are $190 scissors about $3-4
  2. i apologize for not posting 15 times a day but with my father in a nursing home and trying to get him back home, that is actually more important than posting on forums
  3. Clouser Swimming Nymph Hook - Mustad 9671, 9672 or equivalent Bead - Brass or tungsten Weight - Lead/lead free wire Thread - Fire orange Tail - Dark brown marabou and bronze flash Body - Rusty colored dubbing Wing case - Peacock herl Hackle - Speckled brown hen Thorax - Rusty colored dubbing
  4. don't be discouraged if you didn't receive a lot of responses regarding the flies you posted or will post in the future i don't get many responses either on the flies i post here. i don't let it bother me
  5. flytire

    hook size

    fly hook charts - Google Search any one of the fly hook conversion/comparison charts should get you that information
  6. from another forum in 2005 The Orvis Baetis vise was a rotary vise that Renzetti threatened to sue Orvis over so Orvis dropped it and started selling the Renzetti Traveler instead.
  7. seems to be as lively as its always been
  8. Royal Renegade Hook - Mustad 94840 or equivalent Thread - Red, brown or black Tag - Flat gold tinsel Rear hackle - Brown Body - Peacock herl, red floss or tying thread, peacock herl Front hackle - White/cream
  9. a good old pair of scissors can make any shape body you want you already have them why not use them foam sheets come in a multitude of colors
  10. Mylar Minnow Hook - Mustad 9671, 9672 or equivalent Weight (optional) - Lead/lead free wire Thread - White or clear sewing thread Tail - Marabou Under body - Floss, yarn etc. tapered to shape. Color the back with a marker Over body - Pearl mylar piping Eyes - Painted black over yellow Gills - Red marker Overcoat the entire body with epoxy or UV resin if desired
  11. Double Bunny Scott Sanchez Pattern Hook - Streamer style, size 2 Thread - Black Weight - .035 lead/non lead wire on the front half of the hook shank Body - White magnum rabbit strip for the belly; Olive magnum rabbit strip for the back Sides - Silver holographic flashabou Eyes - Dumbbell or stick on eyes Adhesive - Tear Mender
  12. Zoo Cougar Kelly Galloup Pattern Hook - TMC 300 or equivalent, size 2 -8 Thread - Tan Tail - Yellow Marabou Body - Pearl Sparkle Braid Underwing - Calf Tail Overwing - 2 Matched Mallard Flank Feathers Dyed Wood Duck Gold Head - Dyed Yellow or Light Olive Deer Hair Of the 2 flies I tied of this pattern, this one won best of show
  13. Sculpin sorry but i dont have the recipe on this one. i tied it too many years ago you guys are smart so youll be able to figure it out
  14. if you put super glue on fly heads why the need for uv resin you will see davie mcphail use wax on the tying thread for grip but youll rarely see him coat the fly head with uv resin my solarez bone dry uv resin fly heads cure hard
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