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  1. i received my set of flies the "flashing" fly was unique. reminded me of the underbody of aluminum tape used for tying zonker under bodies
  2. signal strength may also slow down the LTE connection the first photo show only 1 bar and its the weakest/slowest of the 4 bars when i'm at home and with "wi-fi" turned off, my iphone shows 2 bars maybe @knotjoe should try "wi-fi" at home if he has a connection or somewhere there is a connection to "wi-fi" to see if the buttons work without going to a new tab
  3. i just shut of the "wi-fi" setting on my iphone and now on "LTE" and there was no difference in using all of the buttons mentioned my cell phone carrier is Consumer Cellular. probably doesnt make any difference
  4. i have an iphone 11 i just have to tap on the "NEXT" button in the upper right hand corner and it goes to the next page without having to go to the "open in new tab" which can be done but not necessary i can also tap on the "PREV" button in the upper left hand corner and it goes back to previous pages i can also tap on the ">>" button next to "NEXT" and it takes me to the last page of the particular thread. same with the "<<" button next to "PREV" and it takes me back to the first page of the thread i can also use the same buttons at the bottom of the page to do the same thing as the buttons at the top of the page the only thing missing on the my iphone version are the page numbers like the desktop version has
  5. agree with @tjm 2 center feathers are going to be the longest in fibers
  6. i recently sent in a large order for mustad hooks ($$$) and politely asked if they would include a package of straight intruder shanks to my order and adjust my payment to suit nope! they wouldnt even do it and i have been a very good supporter ($$$$) of jstockad for many years. they said the order was "in process" (the order was only hours old) and couldnt be changed. i highly doubt they picked the materials out of the bins or off of the pegboards! needless to say, i think that was my last order even though they have some good deals (not all of them are applicable to me) i guess it may be time to change to a new tying material supplier
  7. Shipman's Buzzer Hook - Mustad S80-3906/S82-3906B Thread - Color to match the dubbing Shuck and head - White antron Rib - Pearl tinsel Abdomen - Black, claret, red, olive, brown etc dubbing Developed by Dave Shipman
  8. Incredible Hulk Hook – Up eye salmon style Thread – Chartreuse Tail – Peacock sword fibers Ribbing – Brown uni stretch Body – Fluorescent green uni stretch and peacock herl Wing – White calf tail Hackle – Dyed green guinea hen
  9. Shufelt Special Hook - Streamer style Thread - Black Tail - Golden pheasant tippet Ribbing - Oval silver tinsel Body - Flat silver tinsel Under wing - Mixed red & yellow bucktail Over wing - White marabou
  10. General Fry Imitation Category - Steelhead, cutthroat etc Hook – Up eye salmon style Thread - Black Tail – Red or orange hackle fibers Body - Flat silver tinsel. Throat – Red hackle fibers Wing – 6-8 hairs of dyed yellow, orange, blue, green and white bucktail
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