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  1. Elsie Darbee's March Brown Nymph Hook – Standard wet fly style Thread – Black Tail – Mallard flank fibers Back – Pheasant tail Ribbing – Tan silk, floss etc Body – Blend of light and dark hares’ ear Hackle – Hungarian partridge
  2. Tied Down Minnow Hook – Mustad R73-9671 or R74-9672 Thread - Olive Tail - Dyed gray mallard flank Body - Silver Bill’s body braid Back - Dyed gray mallard flank Throat - Red hackle fibers Eyes – Painted black over yellow
  3. the dubbed cream and the original peacock herl
  4. i bought a few cream colored dubbing griffiths gnats from a fly shop near the green river in utah i had one of my best days fishing using those flies
  5. from the internet Updated: A Path To Tying Classic Salmon Flies | Fly Tyer brora is a river in scotland
  6. Griffith's Gnat Hook: Dry Thread: Black Hackle: Grizzly Body: Peacock herl Black Peacock Herl https://i.postimg.cc/4d6CtjxS/Blue-Wing-Olive-1080.jpg[/img] BWO Peacock Herl Dark Tan Peacock Herl Gold Peacock Herl Insect Green Peacock Herl Muskrat Gray Peacock Herl Purple Peacock Herl Tan Foam Note: there are many more variations that can be tied by using different color hackle, dubbed bodies, tinsel bodies, thread bodies, adding tails and highly visible wing posts etc. Be creative. Experiment
  7. Black Hook - Curved style Thread - Black Body - Black tinsel Thorax - Black peacock herl Chartreuse Hook - Curved style Thread - Chartreuse Body - Chartreuse tinsel Thorax - Chartreuse peacock herl Copper and Brown Hook - Curved style Thread - Black Body - Copper tinsel Thorax - Brown peacock herl Copper and Tan Hook - Curved style Thread - Tan Body - Copper tinsel Thorax - Tan peacock herl Silver and Gray Hook - Curved style Thread - Black Body - Silver tinsel Thorax - Gray peacock herl Purple Hook - Curved style Thread - Black Body - Purple tinsel Thorax - Purple peacock herl Red and Black Hook - Curved style Thread - Black Body - Red tinsel Thorax - Black peacock herl
  8. Dwarf Sucker Category - Streamer Hook - Mustad R79-94720 #6 Thread - White under the body, black for the head Tail - Brown hackle fibers Body - Salmon pink floss Rib - Flat silver tinsel Belly - White bucktail Throat - Brown hackle fibers Wing - Brown bucktail under peacock herl Cheek - Jungle cock
  9. 1980's vintage of a cree saddle i have. nothing spectacular might be good for a series of cree hackled wooly buggers the fish wont care if its cree
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