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  1. White Lightning Category - Salmon Hook - Up eye salmon style Thread - Black Tip - Oval gold tinsel Tag - Yellow floss or uni stretch Tail - Golden pheasant crest Ribbing - Oval gold tinsel Body - Black floss or uni stretch Throat - Orange hackle fibers Wing - White calf tail
  2. i was able to recover i just unwrapped the floss and then wrapped it forward
  3. Ray's Red Hook - Up eye salmon style Thread - Orange Tag - Rose colored yarn Tail - Orange floss Ribbing - Embossed silver tinsel Wing - Red fox squirrel I guess it gets its name from the wing material. No other "red" in the pattern. Reference - Fly Tyer Pattern Bible (From Volume 2 - Issue 4)
  4. ....add a half hitch if you dont want to stat over again ☹️
  5. What @DarrellP said google hatch charts for his area. Tie those flies
  6. Beast Category - Salmon Hook- Any 4XL streamer style Thread - Black Tail - Orange bucktail Ribbing - Oval gold tinsel Body - Flat gold tinsel Wing - Orange bucktail Hackle - Orange
  7. your wooly bugger is perfectly fine using the "webby" part of the feather just dont wrap the feather with the "fluff" still on the stem (although the fish probably wouldnt care) just remove the "fluff" (marabou like fibers) below the red line
  8. as far as i can tell, the only one who can affect forum software changes (coding) is the man behind the curtain, will (smalliehunter) until fixes are made (if any for a relatively few amount of posters) we all have to live with the minor inconveniences of this forum
  9. Ecum Seeker Hook - Up eye salmon style Thread - Black Tail - Yellow hackle Body - Embossed silver tinsel and peacock herl Throat - Yellow hackle Wing - Fox squirrel tail
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