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  1. ....do you buy your street shoe size, the next size up or even larger? my street shoe size is 8. do i buy size 9 or 10 i ask because the neoprene bootie on non custom waders are so big for my foot size i have to stuff all that extra bootie in the boot
  2. Nonpareil (Not the Same - French Translation) Hook - Wet/nymph style Thread - Black Tag - Flat gold tinsel Body - Black chenille Hackle - Black Reference - Forgotten Flies - Schmookler & Sils
  3. Red Dog Bucktail Hook - Mustad L87-3665A Thread - Black Tail - Red hackle fibers Ribbing - Flat silver tinsel Body - Red Chenille Wing - Brown bucktail Cheeks - Jungle Cock Reference - The Classic Streamer Fly Box - Mike Valla
  4. Scott Special Hook - Mustad L87-3665A Thread - Black Tail - Red hackle fibers Ribbing - Flat silver tinsel Body - Beige/cream uni yarn Throat - Yellow hackl fibers Wing - Yellow bucktail Reference - The Classic Streamer Fly Box - Mike Valla
  5. that only reflects how may posts a member has posted not how many posts/responses are in a single thread
  6. i'm using chrome browser on a pc. i have no idea what it looks like on a smartphone vicente said I do think a home button to reach the main forum would be nice there is this shown below it just doesnt say "home" i never seen that many posts that referred back to the post number of any thread. i think at on time you could click on that number and it would generats a url link for that particular post. that too seemed to go away in the old forum software before this new revision.
  7. or stop watching the daily press conferences
  8. name and address please squatch is ready to go to the post office and scare the lady behind the counter
  9. you caught 2 anglers? man shorten up the back cast 🤪 connecticut governor opened our season on march 24 vs april 4 hopefully to eliminate large crowds
  10. johnw sorry for going off track a bit to make up for our mistakes, squatch and i will keep our masks on and come out of retirement and tie a dozen flies for the swap i'll tie a "chromie" pattern i'm only tying 12 flies so if the swap doesnt fill up, please keep any extras for yourself
  11. yes squatch has a mask and is practicing social distancing from other animals in the forest he did have to shave a bit for a tight seal 👍 squatch wears goggles to prevent sneeze droplets from bambi getting into his eyes. another way to get infected
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