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  1. No, I do not believe so at this time.
  2. I'm not sure on an exact date, but they are working on it.
  3. Great, maybe you can answer a few questions... 1. What size is the pedestal? Is it the same dimensions as the cast iron and brass bases used for spartan and standard vises? 2. Is there an option for a c-clamp version? 3. Does the joint in front of the chassis, the one that allows for "true" rotary, have any additional feature to prevent slippage? 4. Whereas the LAW jaw assembly was machined then followed with extensive hand filing, the HMH jaw assembly appears to be cast or (less likely) forged, is that true? HMH states it being tool steel; is any treatment applied to the jaw assembly or is it left natural? 1. Approximately, yes. 2. Yes, that will be available. 3. Yes, it has a set screw like the others from HMH. 4. I'll ask the owner about this and get back with you.
  4. I just wanted to post real quick about the new TRV from HMH. Even though I'm a bit biased, because I work for HMH, I've had a chance to tie on the TRV and I really enjoy it. The jaws hold hooks extremely well and the largest hook I was able to place in the jaws was a 2/0 thick saltwater hook. The smallest hook I have around here is an 18 and it held it with ease. The large brass handle might be underestimated if you have not used it. To me, it is great to be able to place my hand on the handle to rotate the vise instead of trying to take two fingers to rotate it with a smaller knob. Having said that, there is a hole drilled in the end and HMH is working on a smaller knob that will thread into it and allow you to use a different handle for rotating.
  5. I just wanted to remind everyone that the HMH Fly Tying Contest is still going on. Please see the first post of this thread for the details. There is still time to enter, so get to that HMH Vise and tie something up! Thanks!
  6. Here ya go, enjoying this fine tool, using mostly for tube flies IMG_2676.JPGIMG_2677.JPG The fly is a Polar Chenille Baitfish tied on a q-tip, with large plastic bead-chain eyes. Great, thank you! I will enter you in. I appreciate your submission.
  7. That is a good thought Mike, but that would be cheating.
  8. HMH FLY TYING CONTEST! 1. Tie a fly using your HMH Vise and take a picture of it. 2. Please include HMH vise in the photo in some way. 3. Post your photo on Instagram or Facebook and use the hashtag #hmhflytying 4. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook. The contest runs between now and Sunday, Dec 10th. The HMH team will then vote on finalists. Finalists will be posted to the HMH Instagram page on Tuesday, Dec. 12th. Voting will then be up to the people and the voting period for those finalists will last until Thursday, Dec. 14th. The winner will be the fly with the most likes. The winner will be announced on Friday, Dec. 15th. Criteria for winning will be a well tied, well designed, and creative fly. A new design will have a better chance of making the finals. Winner will receive an HMH Deluxe Tool Set. Estimated value is $150.00. ***HMH Pro Team Members are not eligible to participate.
  9. Does anyone know what type of vise this is?
  10. Hey PT, I really like the Mutha of Pearl and Pumpkin Bunny you posted. Nice patterns. What material is around the heads?
  11. Hah, thanks Doug, I appreciate it! Awesome looking new toy man! You are rocking it! @mikechell Haha, nice! Actually I have fished it, but in-between tweaks. It is doing fine for bass, but I need to get it into the mouths of other species.
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