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  1. So I am heading to Fortress lake in a month and I am wondering what kind of flies I'll need to catch the big brook trout of that lake. Any ideas?
  2. yes I am in with the double bunny! In a white/pink pattern
  3. Whats your favorite pattern to throw at a bull or a brown trout in a river this time of year? Personally for me the double bunny with a pink under body never fails. This pattern was proved successful for the humble fisherman in Alberta. I'm hitting the river this next weekend and need to tie up some patterns. Here's where I'm at so far. Double bunny Sparkle Leech Marabou Streamer The Wing Streamer bunny leech Zoo Cougar
  4. Anybody wanna start a swap for this? I have a good double bunny pattern I could tie up. Lets make the due date for may 25th? I cannot host yet, because I have to participate in one more fly swap. So basically tie up your best streamer pattern for fishing them big bulls/browns/rainbows that you always do good with. Anybody down to host this swap?
  5. Haven't got mine yet:/ Hopefully they arrive soon.
  6. Hey Im going to Veradero, Cuba next week for a family vacation and I want to do some fly fishing, anyone know some good spots to fish or a good guide down there? What flies to use? I'd love to go for some Tarpon or Carp action! But I don't really care what kind of fishing I'm doing as long as it's awesome. LOL All info is appreciated! Thanks
  7. http://www.youtube.com/user/MrFlyFisherGuy?feature=mhee
  8. Hey Dezod can you send me your address please. Thanks
  9. I'm mailing mine this friday! so should be a week or two
  10. I'm just mailing my flies this friday.
  11. Hey I'm starting to make an HD series of fly fishing videos and I am wondering what some good soft, relaxing songs would be to use in them. I'm looking for something similar to the new fly fisher music melodies. So basically an acoustic guitar melody. Can anyone help me out?
  12. Heres my simple golden stone that will catch trout consistently http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqI6TQcZrJE
  13. MrFlyFisherGuy


    A pic from last year. damsel nymph?
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