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  1. I personally feel like swaps are one of the best ways to improve your tying. How often does one sit down and tie the same fly over and over again, as we all should when starting out. Swaps force you to tie the same fly repeatedly, and I know once I get to the six or seventh it really starts to click. Once it clicks is when I start putting those in my swap pile, the ones before those either get razor bladed or thrown in my own personal fly box. Also, some of my ugliest flies fish the best and my prettiest flies never leave the box after a few failed attempts at fishing them.
  2. Trust me Mark, I'm not trying to dissuade you. I just feel that anything worth doing is worth taking the time to do it right. Starting a blog based on what you want your book to be based one will help you with quite a few things. It will create a reader base. It will allow people to give you suggestions or tips on how to convey information in a way that is more enjoyable or readable to said reader base. After a while, hopefully, you reader base will want more of what you are offering than what they can receive in a blog. They will gladly pay you to have a book compiled of your blog postings and additional information. Once you've got your reader base hooked and wanting a book from you, they will be willing to help out in all aspects of what it will take to complete the book. Flies, photography, pretty much anything. For the book BugWater, the author would send out a message on the board, saying I need such and such bug, alive. Someone would find it and either drive it up to him, or he would take a trip to go get it. This guy was all over the state of Oregon and Washington, picking up bugs from fellow forum members who had captured them for him. The reason they did this was because they wanted to help with what they already knew was going to be an amazing book, because they had been reading his work for years on the forum.
  3. Might want to take a look at the book BugWater. It's a book about local bugs here in the Pacific NW. Every single fly in that book was donated by members of our local fly fishing board. No one expected anything in return for sending in the flies. However, the Author had a huge following from posting his bug photos and descriptions for 4 or 5 years on the board until he worked up enough material. We also prompted him into writing the book, while he was just happy posting it on the message board. I believe it took another 2-3 years to get everything approved from the editors, publishers, etc. But the finished product is amazing and one of my best references for matching the hatch. FlyTyer14 - I personally don't have the time to sit down and tie a bunch of flies for something that may never come to fruition. After first reading this, it sounded like a good ploy to get a bunch of free flies. I'm sure that's not the case, and what little I know about you tells me you have the best intentions. However, for others who don't know you, they may feel otherwise. I agree with one of the above posters, start a blog, and start out with your own flies. Once you get people on board, they will be more willing to help out, including myself. Take Care, Chris
  4. Pink wogs for coho and egg patterns, other than that you have it covered.
  5. I have an extra piece of lead wire sitting on my desk. Whenever I need to tame materials, whether it be rubber legs, marabou, ostrich, I just wrap the lead wire around the materials and hook shank to hold them in place. Works like a charm.
  6. Got mine. Great set of poppers. If I had realized everyone was going to go small I probably would have sized mine down. That thing was a monstrosity compared to the rest. Stippled and Smokin - Great to finally hold on of your flies and see it in person, I feel super lucky to have one of them! Thanks again for hosting Bluegill!
  7. livingrubber.com, lurepartsonline.com are a few that I use.
  8. My guess is related to the Sign-in problem with the database in that the database page cannot tell that you are signed in and thus cannot attribute that pattern to you.
  9. Addy Please, I will finish my last 2 this weekend.
  10. I tied up 3 sets, those 1/0 Monstrocities, some size 8 nymphs and some size 20 soft hackles. They have just been sitting on my bench for weeks. I guess I should get them in the mail...
  11. I was nymphing for steelhead with a buddy a few years back and he hooks into a hot fish on a nymph rig. The fish broke him off above the indicator and took off. About 4 hours later I see his indicator come swimming upstream, so I cast my flies out in front of it and hooked the same fish and landed it getting his whole rig back for him.
  12. I fish a local reservoir at night during the spring before the water gets too high to wade. We slay tons of very large fish on black spinnerbaits, so I would think anything with a lot of movement and possibly even some noise (rattle) would work. Kirk is right though, subsurface in the moonlight, topwater when there is no moon or the clouds are covering it.
  13. Heads are painted... well 7 of them. I manhandled one of them a little too early and scalped it, so I am trying to repaint the part I messed up, if it still looks presentable I will proceed with it, otherwise I will do it over. I have 3 completed as well as a couple bonus flies I tied up for the Swapmeister.
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