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  1. Mine are on the way! Will be there Saturday is what the Post Office said. They are not articulated like I was going to tie. I thought I had some fish skull foam heads but I was not able to find them. I hate when that happens.
  2. Try it now! I cleaned up my message box. Sorry about that I did not realize it was that full.
  3. Can someone please message me eastern fly mailing address? I made it back home last night and I need to get my flies in the mail today! My mother was in the hospital again that why I am running late.
  4. I'd like to get in on this. I have an idea for an articulated mouse.
  5. Ok everyone mine will be in the mail first thing in the morning. My 96 years old Grandmother passed away. With someone that old has children in their early 80's and mid 70's which my Daddy is 74 so I had to tend to him some. Needless to say I was very sad to see her go but she is in a better place. She is now in heaven with the Good Lord walking hand and hand with my Grandpa on streets of gold...Amen to that!!! Sorry for holding everyone up and thank you for your thoughts and prayers. I am at peace with her passing she lived a long and blessed life!!! HOPE EVERYONE HAS A GREAT WEEK!!!
  6. Nothing wrong with jig fishing!!!! Crappie will be biting in a few months and I love to eat me some crappie. I AM IN on this one.
  7. Hey vicrider, I do not see where I am on the list. Please add me as I will be tying some articulated streamers for the larger type fish that can be used for largemouth bass, pike, or muskies. Hope all is well your way!!!!
  8. Hey SilverCreek all those Chemistry classes finally paid off! LOL LOL I use Beauty Secret Nail Polish from Sally's because you get a bigger bottle for about 7 bucks and it seems not to thicken up as bad Sally Hansen's. Maybe it is because the Beauty Secret is a much larger bottle. Anyway I got tired of Sally Hansen's Hard as Nail always thickening up. Now I know why the Acetone diluting never really solved the problem with Sally Hansen's. Thanks for the insight and explanation. Have a great week-end!!!!
  9. I am in with some articulated streamer bass flies!!!
  10. Yes I plan on go to it if nothing pops up...To bad you cannot make it this year.
  11. It has been awhile since I have participated in a swap. I'll do this one if you will let me.
  12. Thanks everyone for the insight! I upgraded to the brass cradle as the regular one I think is to long. Have a great weekend everyone!!!
  13. Ok folks I hate to even ask a stupid question but for those of you that tie on a Regal Revolution vise like myself can someone please tell me what exactly is the purpose of the extra brass fitting that comes with the brass bobbin cradle? I've include a picture. I am clueless I guess on what it is used for!
  14. Mine are coming! Post Office that is use on the way home from work did not have power Friday. They were mailed out this morning. I thought about sending overnight but I was not going to pay $23.99. I was told they should be there Wednesday.
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