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  1. I saw a few patterns like that at the Adirondack Museum in Blue mtn lake New York.
  2. A buddy of mine is a teacher he came home one day with an Elmer glue stick in his pocket, thought what the heck and tried it out,and has been using it for a while and loving it.
  3. Hey, I am headed to Ft Lauerdale Fla at end of april. I am looking for ideas for flies to use in the intercoastal waterway. I have been down to fish it in the past but seem to always bring the wrong flies. I will have dock access and I am going to rent a stand up paddle board. Thanks vtflyhack
  4. I made this up for a friend. The wood came from his wood pile on the side of his house. It is nice piece of....ash. The pic is not that great but the wood grain is amazing its got a 3 D look to it. The flies are the Dark and Light Edson Tigers with gold spoon eyes. I tied them from the discription in Bate's Streamers book. vtflyhack
  5. FrequentTyer Thanks for the lead on the skunk! They do sell just the tails. vtflyhack
  6. Looking for a source for crow wings or a matched set or two of the larger wing feather. Also looking for a skunks tail I am also going to look into the local trapping club for the tail. Thanks vtflyhack
  7. Here are some pics of the claws as I put them together. vtflyhack
  8. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!! MowestFlyfisher, I posted the steps with the pattern in the data base. Let me know if you have any futher questions. Would be happy to help figue it out!!! vtflyhack quote name='MowestFlyfisher' date='Apr 20 2011, 09:09 PM' post='464265'] Great work on these i just have one question how did you make the claws?
  9. Here is a bit brighter pic. vtflyhack
  10. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by vtflyhack: crawfish
  11. Sweet Streamers Eastern!!!! vtflyhack
  12. I really like these patterns. These are on a size 6 Mustad. For the Dark Tiger I used a slip of red duck on top of the wing, layed flat. vtflyhack
  13. MowestFlyfisher, There is glass over the flies. I mounted the flies first on a white board.\ vtflyhack
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