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  1. As I am struggling my way through the second set of flies for this I'm coming to realize my hands just ain't up for these little guys anymore. Mostly getting shaky trying to go really small. I used to tie on 32s and sent several to people when the hooks were available. Now 26s are giving me troubles. After this swap I'm going to work on tying up as many of my 20-32 hooks as I can and give up ordering anything smaller than an 18 anymore. I'll have the little guys if I ever need them but for the most part 14-16 covers most mayfly and caddis.
  2. Now that's funny Kim. One of those that you have to look at twice and would go right over my wife's head.
  3. thanks for filling us troutguy. Look forward to your ties.
  4. C'mon guys. One more spot. Let's fill this one out.
  5. Gotcha Bob. Nice offer Chugbug. 28 is the smallest you can get from Mustad anymore and they're not on every catalogs listing either.
  6. You're in guys and good point mikemac1. Corrected title to show it's a swap.
  7. vicrider

    Cabin build

    That place kind of reminds me of my old minnow shop up north. When I bought the guy heated it with a big wood stove and went through a lot of wood. Like he said, "You can through through any wall and he won't be hurt". I did some patching and wood use went way down. I sold a lot of firewood and home heating wood but didn't need to burn a cord a week when it got below zero. When I'd have to bust skim ice off the minnow tanks before sales started I knew I had to do some work on it. I think you're doing great and never was that ambitious at 14 though we did some unsafe tree houses back then.
  8. I like the IOBO if that's same as I've tied before. Do it all with one good CDC feather? Great fly and great addition to the swap.
  9. I'm thinking about an 18/22 articulated fly. I've been fooling with some small stuff and have done a 16 nymph with hookless trailer. This one is bigger but I have a picture of it. Need to get pictures of smaller ones.
  10. Being in a small town does have benefits. Unlike a lot of places where people stand in line for hours we just notice to set up a time for our shots by phone. They set us up with a time to get shots and when we drove in National Guard directed us to an area to park. Shortly someone came up with a questionnaire to fill out. He took a look at me with O2 hooked up and walker in back and asked if we'd prefer to just get shots in car. Sure thing with me so he directed us to a spot on side of building. Soon someone else came out, went through the guidelines and got our signatures on agreement for shots. A few minutes later a gal came out with a couple of needles and shot us up right in the car without having to even get out. She left and first guy said we had to to wait a half hour before we could go to check on reactions since on questionnaire wife said she has reacted to different meds before. Well, we waited our half hour, no problems and we're on our way with second shot of Moderna Vaccine scheduled in same spot 28 days from now. I have no reaction at all but of course wife says her arm feels like I punched the hell out of her and still hurts this morning but she does react poorly to many things and if a sore arm is only problem we're lucky. Looking forward to second shot so I can actually go out in public without so much concern. She went down to the bar for her regular Thursday night pool game and found out one of the guys in the next town over (30 miles over) did have an adverse reaction to shot and ended up in hospital. Watching news this morning they said only 29 people in entire country have had severe adverse reactions so he makes 30 since out here in middle of nowhere we never get counted in stats around country.
  11. C'mon guys. All the regulars taking time off? How about some of you new guys who have been practicing up on WWKimba's swaps? We need to fill this out and take a look at the dropshot swap and see if that's something that works for you.
  12. Redfish is one of the fish I'd put on my bucket list if I ever get to saltwater. There's only a couple of fish I'd want to spend time after and none of them are the "deep sea" fish. Like you're doing a fly rod, redfish, sea trout, juvenile tarpon, and brackish water bass would be my quarry. A day like you had is something special and you have my everlasting envy.
  13. Great pics but also the reason I moved south. Gave me a good reason to sell my fish houses, my power auger, and all my ice fishing gear. You are right though that fishing in a quality house with good heat makes a huge difference. All I ever had were popups but they made things tolerable with a small propane to keep things warm. Never got into fish like you did though. Well, except for lake trout on Lake Superior. 4-12 #s was readily available when ice got safe to get out. Almost every year some fishermen took a ride on the ice and had to get rescued by CG.
  14. woodenlegs, I know you can tie 'em small but stabgnid...do you have a hook smaller than a 1/0? Thanks for getting in guys and I'll mark you down.
  15. SWAP IS FULL, Thanks to all joining. How about an open swap, all the regular rules as listed above in stickies, and have all flies to me by Feb. 12th, which gives us over a month. Here's the plan. Fly choice is open, nymphs, zebras, dries, parachutes, streamers, your choice. Only rule is no hooks bigger than an 18. Yes, a 3x long 18 can make a bugger so choices are really open. One thing to always keep in mind with small nymphs make sure any beads do not block the hook gape. So how about? Send them to me Nick Szabo, PO Box 361, Cheyenne, OK 73628 1..Rick Zieger 2..stabgnid 3..woodenlegs 4..cphubert 5..Johnw1986 6..Sandan 7..mkresio 8..niveker 9..DarrellP 10.Mikemac1...In the house and looking good 11.FishingBobNelson 12.troutguy
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