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  1. For Steve...First pic is of the intruder flies that we tied, second for those who did the tube versions...OR VICE VERSA...
  2. Okay, moose mane is hollow but I think wrapping it like that squishes the air out as you wind. Interesting article on the moose. Used to have a lot of them in northern MN but I understand they are about gone now from habitat change and brain worm from deer. Used to even have a draw season for a few years up there. More than once I'd take visitors out to a couple of places including a deadwaters where they spent a lot of time feeding and a taconite rail line tracks they browsed on a lot. Got behind a few on early morning fishing trips and I just followed them at a distance until they left road. Never blew the horn since there were stories of moose attacking when someone did that. Friend of mine bought one of those new little Toyota or Datsun trucks when they first showed up here and was killed when he hit one and went under it and took the cab off. They stand tall and are not a good idea to hit with vehicle.
  3. Funny how things work. After taking two attempts to tie the Moose Mane Mosquito and having one for a picture to show for it I went back the bench with a fresh attitude, sorted through the mane hairs for better looking ones, tied them in place and as I got to bottom of tie loosened the tension on the string slightly and turned Mane to start in the direction I was wrapping. and wrapped back. Then I held finger on hair as I started it first few turns and really worked hard to keep even pressure on both white and dark hair, and presto, 13 or 14 tied without breaking a single hair. I don't think the hair was loose but it is coated with a fine coating of UV so should hold up pretty well. Rest of tie is herl and synthetic instead of calf hair for post and wrapped with feather from the third grizzly cape I got before I got this good one. So you get something close to what's in the picture after all. Remember this is designed to penetrate surface tension so if you treat only treat hackle and not the body of the fly. My understand is that the Moose Mane does not have the hollow fur of the deer and should sink to just below the surface while parachute holds that easy to eat snack ready. Oh yeah, that's what I read.
  4. My gosh LVBill, does obsessive compulsive mean anything to you? I humble myself to you for your efforts at controlling your drifts in a manner few of us are able or willing to do. Are you per chance a guide needing this control to keep yourself in business?
  5. Trico on a 32 Mustad. Wire to keep track of it and show there really is an eye in there.
  6. For you Steve. The flies are better than the pictures show.
  7. I'm valiantly trying to tie the moose mane mosquito from Winter 2019, page 22. I may give up after spending two nights breaking moose mane when just about finished, then cutting thread and starting over. I might try soaking some moose mane to see if that helps with the breaking. Otherwise it's a pretty straight forward tie and looks nice and should fish well. It is on a Klinkhammer 16.
  8. I'm going to go thru a lot of my flies and do a quick check on weights and sort them in a box so I have a better idea of what kind of depth they're going to reach. Richmce, that's the kind of thing an anal mind like mine would have me doing. I've weighed just about every size of brass bead to compare with tungsten and had it all written down but lost it. I tend to go with the articles where knowing general weight of the flies can be important and the random mix I have doesn't even give me a chance of tying on something with an idea of if I've leaded it, which bead is one there, or any other things to give me an idea of depth. I will fix that before the OK DOT begins it's stocking program.
  9. You're in Old Hat. Looking forward to doing a lot of wrapping this year. Getting bigger. Maybe Covid is making us ready for something good to come around. Nick
  10. Good grief Mike. That's the longest https: I've ever seen. I thought the site or any site cut them down to size when copied. Looking at that makes me wonder why anyone would want to be a programmer. I'd direct you to some sites for orange or pink line but figure you have what you want now.
  11. Kim, I always have a big problem with these offers. It isn't that some of them are good deals and yes, I have taken advantage of a few and trade with JS often, I just get pissed that to get something "FREE" you have to spend money. How can it be free if you have to spend money to get it? It's like the deals of buy one and get one free, "Just pay separate S&H" which is often nearly the same as the one you bought anyway. So yes, there can be good deals but it just pisses me off they continue to call them "FREE".
  12. You missed my point. How do you tie on when you FISh it.
  13. Rick, how you tie your fly on? I would tie to the mono loop and have the spoon convex side back. Having the concave side of spoon back might make a nice wobble though. I wouldn't think you'd tie to eye of hook but you're the one who'd know. I like the idea just want your thoughts on it. Nick
  14. Fishing Bob, I included one of yours to show you what I added. I assume you noticed the enhancement and I did on everyone's. Did it on mine and figured what the heck , I have plenty of eyes and UV so did them all. Nick
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