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  1. Bob, I appreciate the offer but right now I'm trying to thin out the couple hundred flies I have tied or traded or even bought over the last several years. No flies needed here but glad I did have the time to get those tied up for the group. Felt guilty after showing off the fly and then dropping out. The flattened wings and CDC tied in a loop are supposed to be a really good representation of a spent mayfly after he's done his/her part in continuing the line and now is just drifting, spent and haggard from his short time in flight and sex.
  2. I used to do this but I hated how the birds squawked and shook when I did this. Out of humane treatment I've taken to using partridge pelts and not pulling directly from the bird anymore.. As for you guys tearing half the hackle off, I've pretty much always done this with hen feathers but not with partridge. Have to try it and see if it's worth the effort.
  3. NOGYM, but like some others no longer active. General license and kind of lost interest after my dad and the friends I had on the bands either died or moved, or I moved. Used to always have a 2 meter with me for years but now with cell phones, computer, skype, and other face to face links out there the bands just don't have a pull for me anymore. When I lived on the Air Base Hill in Finland MN I had 2 meter and di-pole and tuner to talk to my dad in WI. He was very active with MARS and other clubs but for me my spare time was for fishing not talking. At the time it was great to have linked towers that had phone patch but then cell phones made that a lot simpler for making calls and I always hated the word "destinated" anyway. 73s to you.
  4. Philly, your first post on your damsel fly kind of cracked me up. I used this stuff from the dentist, the wings are some sort of things I found on my table. Great step by step there. JK All in fun. Was watching a show on Curiosity Channel and they said back in the early day of heavier oxygen content in the air Dragonflies reached up to 12" or more. Man, that would be a son of a gun to throw on a 6wt. Reason they are smaller today is they breath through holes in their bodies and today's oxygen level does not allow for greater size.
  5. Yep. Sorry if I didn't PM you on it. I love those little boxes and they are my favorite for soft hackles or classic wets. Great pocket size too. Since learning how easy it is to fix most "sprung" tabs on them I have put several back into use. Thanks, Nick PS...Have some nice flies for the Charity boxes but would like more flies for the dry, wet, streamer contest.
  6. I'm about to start deleting some posts in this thread. Norm helped a person out with the information he asked for. He then added more info for that person. Flytire can be a little brusque at times but he offers more help than 90% of us on the board and there is no reason to start calling him out for his posts on this thread or any other. This board is not about nit-picking at someone offering asked for help and jumping on the bandwagon to boot is not tolerated for long here. Nick
  7. Mayfly tails, stripped herl eye, Mallard Flank Wings, thread loop CDC behind wing, black poly pulled over CDC and wing. Size 14 Firehole hook.
  8. vicrider

    My new shop

    Hell of a way to start out your birthday. Cards and prep for the slab. Will look forward to seeing the progress. Is this one of the metal buildings. There's a lot of those around these parts. Better sq' per dollar over stick built I guess, then they spray the foam inside for the insulation, badly needed with AC in this country and don't think you'll be in any less need of it.
  9. Knew I shouldn't have flown so close to that Bug Zapper. I could smell the hair burning.
  10. Just sent you a PM. Don't mean to mess you up but I'm so used to jumping on your swaps I didn't consider what else is going on around here. Thanks, Nick
  11. I offered my spot Johnw, and if you're serious you have it. I'm still dealing with things keeping me from table as much as I'd like to be there. Jump in if timing is right for you and you can use the flies.
  12. Got some great flies in today. Some very generous contributions from several people. I will keep track of them and list and picture them later. WWKimba and Rich Ziegler especially contribute heavily. Enough there to almost fill a box in themselves. If I really get overflow I will do more than just two boxes. Several groups can use them for their fly fishing outings with people either challenged or recovering for different reasons. Nick
  13. Mine got in today with a bonus of a bunch of goodies for the contest. Nice haul but haven't even got a chance to check the swap flies yet but know they will be outstanding.
  14. Guess I'm going to have to try my best to get a dozen of those tied now that I've shown one. Of course, if someone wants in this swap my spot can be taken but I won't renege on an "I'm in" call so I'll complete them one way or another. If worse comes to worse and no one jumps in and I just can't get those done I know I can sub some easier ties if needed.
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