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  1. Dang Tony, good to see ya' back here. Are you working or staying in hiding? We're not doing much outside the yard now. Cutting grass is all the excitement we can handle without running into people somewhere. Nick
  2. Fried Green Apples Two Step... One flew over the Toilet Paper... No place for old Toilet Paper. Ellery Queen and the Case of Missing Toilet Paper
  3. Hope you got two vises and other goodies or you're liable to have to fight for tying time now.
  4. Purple Haze has replaced the para Adams as the goto dry on many waters. Maybe the darker body just sends a different signal or is more easily seen but it's becoming very popular by all the reading I do. Just speaking of purple, it was a goto color for me in years of bass fishing. A purple worm. On cloudy days a brass single spin spinnerbait with purple skirt. Purple Rattletraps. Purple skirts on jig and pigs. Generally it was a strong color for me, particularly on cloudy days even though you'd think bright colors on cloudy days but that wasn't the fish usually told us.
  5. Hey now...you said parachutes in a thread a while back. You could have thrown me a curve and made it buggers or streamers and I'd just had you use the paras as a bonus fly. I really like doing parachutes anyway and wouldn't have minded that at all. Looking forward to a couple of completed swaps coming my way.
  6. The beadhead is my version of a CDC mini-bugger. CDC puff for a tail and CDC feather tied into a thread loop and wrapped on. Small hot spot collar. It has been good on 'gills and should be for trout also. The dries are just some I was working on for a different swap trying to decide just what I wanted to tie so they are not all the same but hopefully all fishable for us.
  7. vicrider

    Covid 19

    That's sad about the nursing home. Fishing is allowed for food? Okay then, why not suspend the C&R restrictions until this is over. More important to put food on the table than to protect a small element of the fish in the river. Fish and rivers will recover but people who need food are the priority. Also, open all areas to bait or lures but keep enforcing daily limits. Just my .02. My wife has a cousin about her age (66) with comorbid conditions that may or may not make. One of our twin daughters (is) a medical assistant and she has contracted Covid19. She has spent a couple of very sick days at home quarantine away from her kids, a couple of weeks of weak and slow, but now seemingly back to normal and going back to the front lines again. Hopefully she is now carrying a natural immunity to the virus but with new developments in how this virus is formulated and responds to stimuli when inhaled immunity may not be a given with this virus. It is also why developing a vaccine is more of a problem but it has to be developed and administered worldwide if we're going to go back to normalcy until the next pandemic hits us.
  8. This is a pic I took of the flies I sent. I told the story earlier but this fly was a favorite of President Eisenhower and also one of mine to tie and use if I get to trout. Bluegill will blast it of course but there's flies a lot simpler to tie than this bluegill will just as readily fight over as to who gets it.
  9. I hope so too. Just sent three sets of flies off in the mail and am about to start on these. Let's go guys. These are easy flies to tie, at least much easier for me than salmon flies or parachutes are so let's get this swap filled up. Buzzers especially are an easy tie of mainly thread and wire with a head as tricky as you want to make it yet they are a primary source of trout food in stillwater around the country.
  10. Putting some stuff together and should get it out shortly. Little something for each of the fishies they hope to catch.
  11. Tagged and ready to ship. Hopefully tomorrow if PO is empty when we swing by.
  12. Got 'em done and will tag them and hopefully get them out tomorrow or shortly depending on if PO lot is empty when we go.
  13. I'm in. Probably do a buzzer for variety. Been doing too many nymphs. Maybe slip in a second fly if I get caught up with everything at the bench.
  14. Here's a quick shot or two of tiny flies. I recently sent a whole bunch of them out to guys who guaranteed they'd fish and let me see a picture of a fish really caught on a 32. A 32 Trico and a 26 parachute and 32 gnat side by each. And a little cluster of 28-32 with wires in eyes to prove a tippet will go through.
  15. Kevin, where did you order hooks and what size. Hard to find 28 and 30 & 32 are not made anymore I believe. There is Tenkara site that has tiny hooks. I have ordered from them on some items and prompt and good quality but haven't ordered their hooks yet. Just went to their site and it's in NY and basically shut down until further notice. What they have in stock they can't ship because they can't get pick up of items to go out. https://www.tenkarabum.com/
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