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  1. I have a quick easy trout fix that is a little different. Salt and pepper cleaned trout cavity, then sprinkle in some cumin. Use orange slices or wedges and squeeze juice in trout cavity. Put squeezed orange pieces in the cavity and wrap fish completely closed in tin foil. Cook over any heat source. Orange juice steams fish. Really great taste! Quick and easy. (Isn't tin foil fantastic!)
  2. I used a basic Thompson vise for years when I started tying. I now have a very nice Anvil Apex and a used basic statonary Regal vise. Both work very well! I am saving to get a Nor-Vise. I mostly tye nymphs with dubbing. Nor-Vise looks llke the real deal!
  3. Hello from S.C. New to FTF. Finally getting to start back fishing and tying. Been away too long. Glad to be wading the streams again!!
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