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  1. I will not have the final solution for the question, but i like to believe that using for dry fly vertical eyed hook is less visible then normal hook eye and spookie fish will eat the fly. Probably this is only a mental suggestion but i use always this kind of hook in stillwater or chalkstream..... Love it But i don't know if what i believe of this hook will be true...
  2. 'CDC stay in front of the fly'? You wrap 3 turns of CDC hackle behind the wings and 2 in front of the wing and then wrap 2 turns of cock hackle behind the wings and 3 in front of the wings. This basically traps 2/3rd of the CDC hackle at the back of the wings. No, I don't understand what you are trying to achieve hereā€¦ Ok you're right, but we're talking about two different things. I said that i want to put the cdc fibers in front of the fly and not in front of the wings. So i think that it's (of course) quite difficult understanding some technical tying note on the forum :) No problem... thanks for your opinion!
  3. I'd love to hook into a pike with a topwater, just don't have pike in my area. There's muskie, but by the time I get out to fish the musky lakes, they will be in the main channel and deeper. Is it likely to hook into Muskie on a topwater fly during the hot summer months? Never tried. i've never fished muskie in my life so i can't help you....i'm sorry! in italy we have just Pike and Northern Pike.
  4. Ok i agree with you. I think that midge are the best solution and stillwater is the best place
  5. Here's mine... Big frog for pike too (hook is 6/0) and eyes are made with the monofilament from weedless nylon. No problem for casting with class 9 line...
  6. In Italy and Netherland this Gamakatsu hook is called C15-BV.....i hope you can find it in your country and show us your pattern on! :)
  7. Ok guys.....my first tutorial video in other post was quite elaborated So no i want to ask you an opinion about two (very) simple flies: any suggest using this hook with vertical eye other pattern? Have you ever tried them?
  8. Hi first of all thanks everybody watching my tutorial. I'll try to answer everybody please excuse me for my english and if i'll forget someone! - Pattern Time I'm not tying flies for selling them, i'm just a consultant for some brands (Gamakatsu and Vision) in Italy and i work on the vise just for fun and (of course) fishing too. Is not a problem (just my opinion) spending few time longer on the vise with some pattern. - Wings It seems like you can't see the wings (lot of material in the thorax) but once in water the fly will have a different aspect and works very well too. I use this fly searching the trout in small streams in early season. - Dubbing I use thise method twisting the dubbing and using the fingers after only with natural fur. I love the way tha twisting natural dubbing create a perfect tapered body. I know that this take a longer time working with dubbing....but is not a problem, just for pleasure. -Tutorial It's true i use high velocity in some videos. I've slower videos (not in english, i'm sorry, i'll work on them); i want to give the opportunity to watch videos faster then usually you can see on YouTube. I know that not everybody should like this, i'm sorry about that. - CDC after cock I prefer to hackle the cdc before the cock because i want all the fibers of cdc stay in front of the fly, using the firs turn of cock as "gate" for cdc. I hope you can understand what i mean. I don't like "static" pattern i always try to give some movement to my flies (as possible, of course!) I hope that i answered any doubt or question that you have, so reply me is not a problem. All The best
  9. Hi guys! What do you think about my March Brown Variant? I'll wait for your opinion! All the best
  10. Hi everybody, i saw a nice frog pattern with foam....and i think that with articulated shank it should works better...don't you? It's like a popper with "plop" during fishing action... Please tell me what do you think about
  11. Hi Piker, I'm sorry for delay in responding. Some species of mayfly in Italy, like some Heptageniidae (Rhithrogena) hatch swimming towards the surface, and then drying the wings. We often see the trout chasing these insects moving rapidly into the river and eating them. We say that the use of this "nymph" is like a wet fly... in some situations is really deadly. The tungsten head (middle body) is usefull to make travel a little 'in depth, and then make it rise to the surface with small traction of the fly line, like an "induced take". :D
  12. Hi, here's a video instructions about one of Stalcup best flies. Hope you'll enjoy it step-by-step voice it's in italian language, but list of materials is in english....next one we'll be in international language sorry about that
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