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Found 7 results

  1. Hi Recently bought off ebay an assortment of fly tying hooks among which are two packs of Drennan "Longbelly" hooks, sizes 6 and 14. I cannot find any reference as to what longbelly hooks are for; clearly their shape is for a specific purpose but cannot find out anything about them (not even from Drennan) can anyone help Alan
  2. Hey it Timmy again be sure to check out my Instagram page @timsflyfishing_pa I am posting today due to weeks of problems with the one and only prince nymph I got the hardest part down (tying in the biots) but i strugle to find a hackle witht the correct length and stiffness to accomidate the pricne nymphs legs. I have tried Indian hen back grab bag hackle and even something is given to me by another fly tyer Mr James Shawley. Still, the fibres where to long 1 and a half the length they should be, im tying these on size 14 standard Daiichi hook. I haven't tried the hackles from underneath a brown hackle cape would these work be I just not looking for the right size? The one cape I was given is good stiffness but too long and the other one I have is good length but stands straight up. I tie it back but I still feel like it should be loose and wavey. Please help me out. If anyone has any extra hackles or materials im a new fly just started and am not asking for handouts just keeping an eye out for someone who might want to help as you all know to be 17 and a fly tyer is difficult when money is tight. I am working on getting a summer job at a fly shop though. Thank you and anyone who might have materials... anything hackle dubbings chennile hooks fur please email me @[email protected] or message me on here. Or if you know anyone with tons of materials im looking anywhere I can. Excuse spelling
  3. Hey folks just rounding off a 4 month fly-fishing trip in new zealand (will make a long post about it in flyfishing section when i get back home). One thing i discovered whas that dozens of flies i had tied in preparation were almost useless as the fish would simply straighten the hook. A bit frustrating (but a nice problem to have at the same time). I previously tied alot on kamasan b100 and they all got straigtened, Six months ago i switched to b110 which have been holding up ok. I tied a dozen nymphs on some carp hooks i had laying around which performed very well. My question is if you guys have any tips on hooks/companies/ebay deals for some very heavy wire hooks suitable for nymphs, I'm looking for sizes 8-12, couple hundred each. Tight lines Hugo
  4. I'm a beginner tyer, and would love to have a side by side chart of a hook size to a fly size. Nothing fancy, something simple. Case in point, if I buy a size 20 fly, it's not the same size as the hook size. So where's the chart? Thanks everyone in advance. Ed
  5. Ok guys.....my first tutorial video in other post was quite elaborated So no i want to ask you an opinion about two (very) simple flies: any suggest using this hook with vertical eye other pattern? Have you ever tried them?
  6. Hello everyone, I'm going to start tying my own bucktail jigs and need a vise that can handle upto a 5oz jig and 9/0 hook. I would like the vise to be rotating and under $150 but if I need to spend more money then I will. Thanks for any info
  7. First off, my name is Brian and I'm from Kentucky and recently became addicted to fly fishing. Tied my very first flies today. My dad gave me his fly tying vise a while back (he only used it a couple of times and then gave up on fly fishing) I tied a couple of Bully's Bluegill Spiders and a beetle looking fly from craft foam. I ran into a couple of problems. First my thread kept breaking. I have a Feather-Craft bobbin and it seems to hold too much tension and doesn't let the thread roll smoothly. My other issue is with the foam fly. The fly turns on the hook. I put a drop of glue on the fly after I finished tying it but it didn't seem to help much. Any help would be appreciated.
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