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  1. When I went into the fly shop I had intentions of picking up a BVK. when I went to check out they manger said he didnt want to direct me away my decision but asked if I had ever tried out the TiCRx? Same price as the BVK. I told him I owned one in 12wt and loved it but havent really used it enough in the blue water to actually give it an honest review. I was going solely off what reviews I had read about the bvk. I owned a 8wt TFO clouser before and I didnt like it at all. He picked up a Sage (forgot which model) and brought it over and began to compare them. said this sage is one of the best we sell...the price? 750$. Now if you want the same results that this rod has to offer for a price thats 500$ cheaper and brand new, go with the TiCRx. Said the main difference in both were the color and price and besides that its hard to tell the difference.
  2. I don't think they have I got my 7wt back in June. I know they have the TiCRx2 out now as well.
  3. TFO TICrx is the way to go. Got it in 12 wt, is my primary redfish 7wt rod and will be the one for my 8wt. My personal TFO favorite.
  4. Ill stop by Monday and catch up.
  5. EP crust brush, rust rabbit strip and a wrap of polar chenille. Tie on the rabbit, add some chenille, make one wrap with the brush, add two eyes then continue wrapping to the dumbbell and then trim up. Very easy and effective. Really the only fly I've used all tailing season just in a variety of the EP brush colors. I fish from coffin point in Beaufort to Edisto beach all the way to Kiawah island, johns island and charleston.
  6. Checked out a new spot last night down in the low country of SC. beautiful flat with nothing to show. Picked this one up on the way home along with losing a beast at the last bit of visible light. Caught him on a crab I call "diarrhea".
  7. Been hearing alot of reds being caught on EP's everglades baitfish around charleston. watched the video on EP's website and tied up a few in random colors. The minna The Mad Hatter (I still remain a gamecock fan lol)
  8. Hey everyone, Newbie here. Just started tying last weekend for my first time. have tied 3 flies total. Figured I'd join this site to learn some new tips/tricks and get involved in some swaps down the line. Mostly saltwater for me down here in Charleston SC, but I will sometimes venture off to find a the redneck bone fish of the south (carp) or travel out state/out west for trout. Look forward to interacting with everyone here. First fly up: opinions are highly recommended. Thanks
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