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  1. I can fish the same fly for a half an hour with the thought that maybe after presenting so much they will bite it, sometimes they do, sometimes they dont
  2. I am still pretty new at tying but when I started off there was a fly shop owner I spoke to. He i told him problems I was having. He said that the fly doesn't need to be beautiful as long as its close to accurate. He also said people get to caught up in getting everything right. What do you guys think?
  3. Eliminated my vest and went with a waist pouch. Tons of room and a lot more movement
  4. When you guys say craft fur is it found at a store like michaels or Walmart?
  5. Jonjoe

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    Elk creek, Erie pa, steelhead
  6. Des anyone know any patterns that require chicken feathers, or is that what hackle is?
  7. Just experementing I know the tails a little long but does anyone or has anyone used this light brown color?
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