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  1. Somebody's jealous it sounds like. I get what he's trying to convey and I personally see way too many people hold fish out of water for way too long for the perfect picture (just a quick example), but he went to a great extent to call out a specific person and even look at online records for the tickets.
  2. Thanks for the input y'all. Mike, no worries at all. I expected to hear that at some point. I know its not the traditional thought behind fly fishing but mainly just wanting to catch a bull red on fly. I can consistently catch them with a spinning rod and bait or artificials in a couple spots but want to try it with a fly rod by drifting with the current and dragging a fly by them.
  3. Interested in trying this technique although it is new to me. I've looked at many different lines and I am looking to find a good full sinking line. My target depth is going to be roughly 15-25 feet deep at most. I'm wondering if anybody has experience with this and could offer any help. I've looked at SA Sonar, Airflo sixth sense sinking, Orvis Depth Charge, and Rio mainstream Type 6 or 7. I will be using a 9wt and majority of the use will likely be in saltwater. One of the biggest unknowns to me is whether or not I want a "uniform" sink line where the whole line sinks at the same rate or if I want something such as the SA Sonar Sink 3/5/7. I understanding the casting may be very different but my intended use is more important to stay on the bottom than casting it far. Thanks for any help
  4. Nice fish and fly. Where in the lowcountry are you?
  5. Thanks y'all for all the input! Really appreciate it, it's like starting all over again and I have tons of questions that I'm sure ill figure out over time
  6. This year ill be going to school at Clemson; it's about a 45-60 min drive to mountains and streams that hold trout. Now, here's the problem. I mainly fish saltwater and this will be my first trout fishing-atleast on my own so I need to start making the switch over to trout fishing instead of salt for redfish. Needless to say the flies are a "little" bit smaller and different. So I've been told I need to be tying some parachute Adams...here's the question, does the post/wing part that sticks up matter what color it is? I've watched some tying videos and calf tail seems to be a material to use for this along with some others. I only have chartreuse calf tail, if I make the post out of this instead of say, white, will it make a difference?
  7. Got a good looking set of flies a few days ago; too bad I wont be tarpon fishing anytime soon...
  8. Thanks for letting me know atx. Ill admit the deer hair job was not the best I've done. The patch I got didnt want to flare when tightened at all. Don't know what the deal was. But it'll get the job done either way. And no I didn't get to fish down there. I wish I could have but we were constantly moving around and had a full schedule...oh well. Ill be back to fish one day that's for sure. And thanks for hosting atx
  9. Thanks, and sorry for not being in touch. I was down in Costa Rica for over a week and just got back a couple days ago. Been catching up on work and other things.
  10. The box came back to me in the mail today...will get them out for good tomorrow. Recipe: Tail: black craft fur Body: black laser dub Collar: black spun deer hair (stuff was a pain, mine would not flare) Eyes: mono eyes from spirit river
  11. @agn- sorry for the delayed response. Theyre mono eyes by Spirit River in size large I believe
  12. Not a tarpon bunny but how about this?
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