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  1. Hey all, I'm curious if anyone can tell me what do the different numbers on tying hooks mean. For example dai-riki 125 to a 300 and so on. I think I have seen them on tmc boxes as well. Any info would be great. Thanks everyone
  2. Hey ya'll, I seem to remember seeing an item that you can put your dry flies in and shake them around to get the moisture off of them so you can keep fishing them, does anyone know what I'm talking about and if so, what is it. Thanks so much....tight lines!
  3. Heavynets, would I want to strip with the midges or just keep them in suspension with a little tug every now and again
  4. Thanks everyone, the pond is in Kansas City, mo, just found it, they stock it in November and Feb. The best part is it's 5 min from home.
  5. I'm curious if it's necessary to use sinking line for fishing a 5 acre urban pond thats stocked with trout for the winter. I have a couple 5 wts rods, but only floating line. Any help would be great.
  6. Just curious on how ya'll store your tippet and leader for long periods? I usually keep mine in the freezer but not sure if that's right. Thanks
  7. Hey everyone, I'm going to be on Wah Wash Kesh Lake in July I have 5 and 8 wght rods. Any pointers would be great. Thanks!
  8. Hey all, I was wanting to start fishing for striper and was wondering what weight of rod would be best. I would be fishing from shore and a kayak. Any tips would be great. Cheers
  9. Hey everyone, I'm heading home this summer to the great state of Oregon, end of July into mid August and am curious on some good spots to fish around Bend and Eugene. I usually fish on the White River in Arkansas with 18-20 nymphs, I also will not have a boat, so a river that is wadable is important. I haven't been home since I started fly fishing so any tips would be wonderful. Cheers!!
  10. I love it more than the 8/0, even though I've read that the lighter thread was more prone to breaking, I'm not finding this true. It seems to handle smoother than the 8/0
  11. Thanks to the forum for the advice of thread these are with ultra thread 70
  12. well here's a couple ties with ultra thread 70
  13. Well thamks everyone, I have some 8/0 thread and I picked up some marked 70 which I'm assuming is pretty small thread, I'll post some ties later on today and post up
  14. Just wanted to share my first tying desk i made over the weekend
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