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  1. For some reason the link is not working. I am on the Mustad webste trying to find it. What is the page called?
  2. What sort of dubbing is the best? I have been using rabbit but the superfine seems like a good deal. Any pro's and cons to this? Should I stick to the regular? EDIT: What about haretron?
  3. Hey everyone! Well I have a problem. I am using the money I have been saving up (it is hard when you are a teenager) and finally having some money to buy a whole bunch of tying materials I want to start with some hooks because when I first started tying a bought only about 100 hooks in different sizes and brands and I have no idea now if they are dry, wet, nymph, or streamer. Can you guys maybe give me some of the most common and used numbers for the Mustad hooks? I don't know where to start because I don't want to end up getting hooks that I won't use. Thank everyone!!
  4. How he got started in guiding so young. Some funny guiding stories.
  5. I got a hares mask and was wondering what the best way to use each section of hair. Usually I just buy dubbing, but thought I would change it up a bit. Also, how do I use sculpin wool? I thought I would try this for the first time also. Thanks!
  6. That's a great one. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Well, if you think about it, it will be more effective on bottom because of the way the fish see.
  8. flyfishpj

    A day off

    I thought I had it bad. It has gotten to 110 degrees here in Vegas but nothing higher. Im a mMichigan boy so I'm used to the snow and summers under 100. Can't even imagine what it must feel like. Is there anywhere to fish?
  9. Here is a link to the page where it is sold. It is 12 feet and has large storage on each ends. I love it. Duck Boat
  10. My uncle has a sick (as in awsome) duck hunting boat that we take out fishing. If I can find it on google I will post a pick. It has the shape of a kayak and can be mounted with a trolling motor or just paddled. Has two seats and gun holders in case you hunt. You can also easily stand for a good casting platform.
  11. I am going to tie the EZ Sparkle Sand Eel and I was wondering what color combos you all would prefer.
  12. I've got a quick question. Should they all be the same color?
  13. I'm in. I think I will tie a EZ Sparkle Sand Eel.
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