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  1. Good Day, We have a show in GR on the 23rd of this month if you can make it. The Celebration of Fly Tying: Knights of Columbus Hall 5830 Clyde Park Ave Wyoming MI. Be there! ;-) Steelie
  2. Good Day, Revisiting the topic several years on... More and more glow materials are coming on the market. A few of my new favorites are UNI's 3/0 Glo Thread, glows better than the yarn (still like the yarn in certyain applications). Another new favorite are the Aqua Glow Crazy Legs. They glow a gorgeous light blue color. And... GITD Dazzle Beads. (All products from Hareline.) I have also found some super high potency GITD powder on EBAY and mized it into some Hansen's Hard as Nails. Man that stuff glows, and glows, and glows. However, it will settle to the bottom of the bottle so it will need light agitation. Don't forget about perhaps wraping materials (translucent) over GITD materials for various cool effects. For example, I wrap a sinlge layer of opal tinsel over the UNI glow yarn (overcoat of CCG or Hard as nails to protect tinsel) and I get this almost mysterious electric purplish-blue color glowing from the fly. And don't forget that anything that is GITD by default is UVR, so fish these flies during the day as the UVR characteristic might get their attention. I haven't tried any yet, but I plan to get my hands on some GITD Poly-Bear fibers (Spirit River) for streamers, and who knows what else... Steelie
  3. Good Day, I have been practicing Tenkara for many years now. It is a "simple" technique that kind of reminds me of high stick nymphing. Back in the day the rods were made of bamboo. The traditional flies are certainly unique and work here in the US, even though I sometimes use more traditional Western flies on the end of my line. If you can't afford a Tenkara rod, at least to try it you can substitute with a telescoping bream or bluegill rod. But they are a bit heavier and could tire you out. Long story short, it works and I would suggest trying it. Steelie
  4. I've already got a large box of materials myself I am sending him for the kids, but I'm sure they can use much more than just I can help with. Thanks Steve Good Day, Have you guys tried fly shops, manufactureres or wholesalers? Many are willing to make donations to a good cause. Be prepared if they ask for confirmation of the program. I'll look around here and see if I have anything decent, not junk, to send along. Steelie
  5. Good Day, Yes, the late Dr. Richards did make his own molds. He also would use materials such as Liquid Latex. Steelie
  6. Good Day, Hagen's carries them in their catalog... $24.88 for electric and $29.88 for battery powered... Page 203 of their catalog (205 via PDF). http://hagensfish.com/images/stories/2010-2011-Catalog.pdf Steelie
  7. Good Day, I second this opinion. I have used it to adhere foam to the inside of cigar boxes to display flies at fly tying shows. Several years later, no problems... Keep in mind Super 77 is also a great tying adhesive for various "sandwiched" foam flies. Oh, and don't forget... it is best to spray both surfaces and let them sit for a minute or two before sticking together. Instructions are on the can... Steelie
  8. Good Day, He is quite resonable. My last order was for a series/set of three baitfish cutters. Including shipping it was around $50. One thing to think about... the more detail you provide him, the easier his job will be. Such as a "to scale" drawing with full measurements. Steelie
  9. Good Day, Depending on the size and complexity... River Road Creations will do custom work. Otherwise there are "pre-formed" wingpads and legs by Montana Fly Company (Soft Shell Stone and Wiggle Stone Body) and Spirit River has come out with a line of "Bug Partz". I believe my buddy Dave has all these products on his online shop: http://castersonlineflyshop.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=8_115_209&products_id=1797 Steelie
  10. Good Day, My membership began on November 15, 2003 and still here... ;-) Steelie
  11. Good Day, Thanks Will! I got my medals in the mail today and they look great! Thanks once again for being the best "one man show" competition host out there! Steelie
  12. Good Day, As a commercial tyer, I can say that any commercial tyer you know can probably set you up. I primarily tie with Daiichi and MFC. Steelie
  13. Good Day, Make no mistake, I totally believe you! I have seen it on film, photos and in person! I seem to remeber an old Al Linder show where they caught on video a larger pike attack a smaller pike right at the boat! I have from time to time come across a large, and quite dead, brown trout that quite litterally bit much much much more than it could chew. Or the photo a friend posted of a brown that choked (and died) after inhaling a large bluegill! Furthermore, ask certain tarpon guides why they will cut a tarpon loose before getting it to the boat... hammerheads. So, yes, I believe you... Steelie
  14. Good Day, L.A. and believe it or not, more "rural" areas. (And it isn't just gals, ask Steven Tyler...) My wife's hair dresser has her shop in one of the "border" communities between suburbia and rural land. Knowing I am a commercial tyer, she said she might want some hackle for her "farmer girls" (not my words, hers, and meant not as a slight, and she means girls in their teens). Even though she knows she could make bank, thankfully she is fighting the urge... Steelie
  15. Good Day, More often than not, when I hear that someone is having difficulty with hair, it is not so much poor technique, but bad hair. And trust me, there is a lot of bad hair out there. If I may suggest, you should consider buying hair from Chris Helm. Also, he is a master of tying deer hair flies, one of the BEST! http://whitetailflytieing.com/ Steelie
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