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  1. Thanks flyty1, I just spoke with the owner of this flyshop and he is under the impression that Frank Matarelli's son may start making the whip finishers again. He said he would make some calls today and asked me to call him tomorrow. I will definitely post any info if they start manufacturing again.
  2. Sorry Mike but they are not the same whip finishers. That is why they call them Matarelli-style whip finishers.
  3. There are some companies making whip finishers that they call "Matarelli" style wf's. Some put exotic wood handles on them. So, no there isn't a difference of twenty or so dollars. Mr. Matarelli sold his finishers thru fly shops for about $18. Is that cheap, no but his design made them easy to use and they gave me great thread control. That's why so many tiers use them and unless they have 3 or 4 sitting on their tying bench, they aren't going to part with them.
  4. Sadly I lost my beloved standard Matarelli whip finisher when moving recently. I know I cannot buy one from commercial outlets, flyshops since Matarelli retired. I am looking to buy a standard Matarelli whip finisher from anyone on this forum who might have more than one. I will pay your price and ofcourse shipping. Thanks for looking, Russ K.
  5. Funny stuff, thanks for sharing. Your dad is a good sport. We definitely take fly-tying too serious sometimes.
  6. Great looking dries, wonderful proportions and it sure is fun to fish Wulffs!
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