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  1. Tomorrow is spring and here in Iowa its 20 degrees, man I wish it would warm up get some open water.
  2. Grundy county and glad to hear this yrs ago was a guy always fly fishing over by waterloo Iowa
  3. Thanks guys like I said never done it wanted some opinions
  4. 45,I got a kit last week its a Greg Vinci kit and the feathers are way long need bigger hooks or next time trim more off first time doing this not much fly tiers or fishing done here in Iowa
  5. This was hard for first one I hand whip finish it watching video so let me know what to do differently plz
  6. Thanks had dome foam laying around and used rubber band I was impressed see what it does this spring
  7. I know trying to up load from my new phone bare with me Lols
  8. Just wanted to try 1 let me know what u think.
  9. What do you all use for glue after u are done tying and also can someone post pictures of different not tying plz.tying for fly tying only
  10. Sweet looks good can't wait Tell I get start ed on some flies
  11. For bass and panfish can someone on here post pics of easy flies to start off with,since this is my first attempt. Thanks Kevin
  12. new guy here they look heavy will they sink a bit or stay on top never have fly fished before just asking newbie ?s
  13. Ok Thanks I thought so don't have a lot of money so I got chickens and pigeons just getting into it wife not wanting to spend a whole lot ya know Lols
  14. now with all that work do you actually use it, and do you make more then one cause a fish can do some damage to it, new guy here never done fly fishing or tying and i am getting into it so i have alot of ?s
  15. and what other types of feathers you all use?
  16. does or has anyone used these feathers of a wood duck? and i have gold star chickens anyone use these feathers let me know plz new guy .... Kevin
  17. I am getting my kit tues. And my wife was asking why I can't use sowing thread so I let her read some of this stuff Lols so not using sowing thread
  18. Thanks for the info and I get my new lit tues.
  19. I am new to all this and my wife says why spend money when we have all this thread in the house so can I use some of it or is there special thread for tying ?
  20. Thanks for info Lols like fun tying and fishing
  21. never done fly fishing before.been couped up in the house with all the snow here, so been watching alot of fly fishing shows, and ordered a starter kit with everything and am excited on learning this art.I am a big bass and panfish fisherman and that is what i plan on doing with my fly kit is make flies for these species of fish. i have alot of wine cork was wondering if that would work for like poppers or other types of flies let me know thanks kevin
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