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  1. I tried to separate that into pragraphs, didn't work, sorry.
  2. Please forgive me if my tone was combative, believe me my tone is one of concern and regret for what I feel we have turned into as a nation. My intention in this gross generalization was not to offend any specific person or population of the 300+ million people living in America today. I love this country too and everything it has to offer but I think that our priorities as a nation have gone far askew. I feel like the American culture pushes itself on a lot of other cultures, Ex: We call our President "The Leader of the Free World"-- I'm pretty sure Canada's a free country, does our president rule over them? Same scenario with Great Britain, France, Scotland, and all of the other parts of the "free world". Children in many other countries are required to learn English as a second language and many know three languages. Why do we not require our children to learn a second language at all, we assume everyone else in the world will speak English when we travel abroad. This really went the wrong direction, I'm terribly sorry.
  3. That Americans are arrogant and insensitive to other cultures? Well, then you are offended by the truth my friend.
  4. Good advice, Frequent, I've been doing the mostly but even controlling my wraps seems to make my little guys too bulky. I've tried using one wrap to hold and move on but it never seems to work out. I just bought some 17/0 uni on the big auction site to try out. Thanks everyone !!!
  5. Hello, First of all, I'm from the US (by birth, not choice). We all know that the US is rife with arrogance and no desire to undrstand other cultures. So I hope that the term "Scot" that I use in the title of this post is not offensive or derogatory (spelling?) in any way. If it is please correct me immediately!!! Anyway, I digress, what do all of you from Scotland think about this whole independance from the UK thing? I've read several stories about it but none of them have entered any public opinion on the matter. Again, I love this forum and the people on it and would hate for anyone anywhere to be offended. Thank you in advance for your opinions.
  6. I've seen at least a couple of cream colored black bears here in Colorado while out and about but it is probably bleached if it's "white".
  7. NOPE! For $12.95 each you can buy the tightest, best casting furled leaders on the market at www.feather-craft.com. They have a tiny integrated tippet ring that you can add tippet or another step of mono then tippet. They have shorb (spelling?) loops that are stronger than the leader itself for loop to loop attachment to your fly line. I've have the same leader on my 3 wt for 3 seasons (100+ days on the water) and it still looks new. They come in every conceivable size from 0 wt to heavy saltwater. They are colored in clear, smoke, and olive and come in mono or florocarbon.
  8. Wow guys!! Thanks a million!! You guys came through in fine style as always!!
  9. Danville Spiderweb vs. Uni Trico 17/0 vs. Uni Caenis -- Any thoughts???
  10. Maybe wrap your material up closer behind your conehead onto some wet superglue so you need less thread wraps behind the conehead. Your response to his post should be "that pink thread behind the conehead represents gills", never admit to a screw up, LOL!!! But always take in all advice and only keep what works for you.
  11. SWEET FLY!! Now color it in olive as a sculpin, silver as a minnow, and tie it in varying sizes. I'll PM you with my order, LOL!
  12. Just pluck or cut off the feathers that have he biots on them and cut or pull off the biots when u need'em.
  13. My first rotary vise is the Anvil Atlas. I love it! Probably won't ever own a different vise. I've contacted Wolff Industries since they bought the advertising anf manufacturing rights and they assured me that the design has not and will not change. You can buy any replacement parts you need directly from them so your vise will never need to be replaced. This vise is bomb proof! As evidenced by how I treat everything I own, I use my stuff hard! I got it because of the range of hook sizes (32-7/0) that the stock jaws can hold. $125 new on ebay!
  14. Toss up between medium size (18 or 20) pheasant tail or natural color San Juan Worm.
  15. Good call JS! No matter how much of a cheapskate I am I would at least go to the craft store if you're that against going to the fly shop but there certain things you should probably just get at the fly shop, thread, chenille, hackle, etc.
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