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  1. Thanks for the comments. I was curious where the wet/dry vac question was going. I would probably need to add a funnel to the set up to avoid any "spills" on the desktop!
  2. Mike, good idea about filling the gap and not running the vacuum while trimming, etc. I'm not quite done with the vacuum set up yet. I think I'll be able to incorporate your idea in the final phase. Yes, I tried to use all of the space without creating a new problem. The fridge did play an integral part in the layout!! Thanks for the comments. Now, I just have to get busy tying!!
  3. Starting tying flies about 6-8 months ago. The dining room table is not very practical and the desk that I bought from Craig's list was too small. So I decided to build something. With some help from my 20 yr old son and the official okey dokey from the Finance manager (aka my wife) I put this together. I had a spot in the garage that wouldn't be ran over by the cars and seemed to be a decent size. So the project began. I got an idea from a fellow fly tyer for a vacuum. So I put one in as discreetly as I could The finished product My carpentry skills are definitely not up to building custom cabinets so I bought unfinished oak cabinets and stained them. Managed to keep the oak plywood for the desktop square and the quarter round trim is passable. Thanks for looking and comments are welcome
  4. I'm having the 3# LMB mounted with the fly. Not a trophy by LMB standards but a trophy for me.
  5. I caught the first bass on a pink and white version of this. The crappie and the larger bass were caught on this fly.
  6. Got the opportunity to fish a private pond on Saturday. Excellent fishing to be had. Caught 7 fish with a couple of flies that I tied. First chance that I have had to fish my own flies. Personal best LMB - 3 lbs. 19"
  7. Tied a few over the weekend. I thought this one was the best so far. Don't have it mastered but it's definitely getting easier and better. Going to have to hit the fly shop for some materials for a few new patterns. Any suggestions for new patterns for a newbie? Jerry
  8. Here's my latest wooly bugger. It looks better and it's getting a little easier. Let me know what you think. Thanks!
  9. Thanks for the tip. I'll give it a try.
  10. Tried a bead head wooly bugger last night. Definitely need to improve my palmering technique. Let me know what you think. Thanks!
  11. Attended a fly casting/fly tying workshop in Iowa this past weekend put on by HFFA. It was a great workshop. Here are pics of a couple of my first flies. They called this fly the "Wunder fly". It certainly catches fish!! The marabou is on these is longer than the demo this weekend. I need to work on that. Jerry
  12. I'll take "Tying Flies". PM me the particulars for paypal. Thanks! Jerry
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