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  1. Fly tying? Yes, but in a different way... How to tie flies without a vice. https://www.moscofilia.com/ephemera-vulgata-english.html
  2. I know the split thread technique, but I have never used it, if I have to tie a very small fly, I simply use fine thread... With such a big fly like the CDC Brown Sedge, the Uni 8/0 works really well and the result is great...
  3. Hi Guys, I wish to propose a video about one of the beauty and alluring dry fly of my collection...
  4. Hi Guys, I started to translate in English some of my videos and I wish to present here the first of them: a classic of the classics.. Some more will come in my Youtube channel...
  5. Hi Johnniy, I am pleased for that and yes, the segmentation increases the imitative quality and the alluring power. Ciao Luca
  6. Hi Guys, here in Italy April is a great month for the first hatches of small mayflies of grey color and these simple flies are one of my first choice to tempt trout, expecially in the warmer hours of the day, when the insects are more active. I tied also a winged pattern of this fly, you can see it on this page of my website http://www.moscofilia.com/favorita-grigia.html but I prefer the variant in this photo.
  7. The hook I used in the video was an old Partridge E3AY barbless size 14, but on my rivers I use quite often the size 16. Luca
  8. Many thanks my friends! I am pleased you like it. This is an old pattern, but I continue to use it with high success, expecially in the summer evenings. Luca
  9. Hi Guys, I have been working to a new video and I have posted it on my Youtube channel, this is the link to watch it: In the past I wrote an article with a sbs photographic sequence and this is the link to read it: http://www.moscofilia.com/lunns-particular-english.html I hope you like it. Luca
  10. Hi Friends, I am pleased you like it. Since the beginning of trout season I have been using this kind of flies and with incredible success... Ciao Luca
  11. The panorama of nymph fishing in my country is dominated in these days by a Gold Head of Spanish origin: the Perdigon. There are many variants of this shining fly and all have a strong alluring power. I filmed a video about this fly and I pleased to present it on this forum. if you wish to get the material list to tie the fly, have e look to this link: it is written in Italian, but with a web translator it is easy to understand what you need http://www.moscofilia.com/epoxy-green-gold-head.html https://youtu.be/YGjni_DWJoo
  12. Hi Guys, happy New Year! I uploaded on YouTube e new video, showing how to tie a nice fly that work trapped into the river surface. Also in this occasion I have translated a piece about this fly and I wish to present it to you, this is the link to the piece and video: E. I. EMERGER
  13. Hi Vicrider, if you go to the end of the article, you can find the link to Terenzio's site. Which has some pages in English, including that one to contact Terenzio. I am sure if you contact Terenzio, he will be pleased to help you with the flies you want. Ciao Luca
  14. Hi Guys, as I wrote in my previous topic, I was working to the translation in English of an article about a very special fly that not requires a vice to be tied and I am pleased to present it on this forum today, as a Christmas present. This fly was built by my friend Terenzio, who is well know also for his handmade silk lines, and is really unique in the tying field. My translation probably is not the best and I will be pleased to receive any correction from you, so to make more clear the text. Here you can read my sbs piece: Ephemera Vulgata
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