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  1. Hey yiu guys sorry I went fishing this weekend flies will be out Wednesday. Atx your golden nymph was the ticket! It caught seventeen inch bow and a couple 14 and 16s before I lost it.dries weren't out yet, but I bet they are today. I love the flies can't wait to use them all thanks agian everyone and you should get them by the end of the week.
  2. Hey all flies have arrived safe and sound they will be out this weekend thanks for the extras and great work everyone can't wait to get these wet in the next few weeks
  3. Yeah my best friend guided in the seyschelles islands for a bit I hope he goes back so I can get a trip there. I built him a twelve weight last summer for GTs. A seven weight is my biggest rod now. I dunno if that's big enough but next winter I may have to find a trip somewhere....
  4. Atx I got your flies thanks for the exrtras. I would love to fish the salt. I need to talk my girlfriend into a vacation were she can sit on beach and i can go fishing...
  5. Hey I am settled on two flies after going to an expo this weekend I can either do an caddis emerger or a parachute emerger for mayflies bream buster what would you prefer? Or anyone else
  6. When you say red fish is that the same as Kokanee? If so yes and I have a couple new streams to try this fall. Kudu it really is mainly trout here I the warm water stuff is limited or quite a drive. I make a trip atleast once a year for steelhead and one for salmon if the seasons work. I am hoping to get a new job in Boise if I do will miss the trout fishing here but there is still some good stuff over there And I will gain some excellent warm water fishin... Atleast for idaho's standards. I am not prejudice tho I will fish for anything given the chance.
  7. I will keep an eye out atx and another set arrived today, I haven't seen them yet but they t from Cali I presume Travis Billie's?
  8. That sounds pretty cool I think
  9. God I need a new furnace hackle but I hate spending that kinda of money....
  10. Now that at I am not getting up at four every morning and have days off maybe I can keep my head more straight. Sorry for the confusion guys
  11. Five sorry I was counting my self as six atxdiscgolfer I don't know what I was thinking
  12. So a package from Utah and one from Oklahoma arrived according to my girlfriend I don't know whose yet and won't be able to see them till Thursday probably but claim it so I can say received.
  13. No problem guys and yes kudu we have them here but it controlled hunts. I drew a tag but have been working so much yesterday was the first day I was able to get out. There doesn't seem to be many birds this year and I didn't even as much here a gobble pretty frustrating.
  14. Alright most are on there way then I should get mine done this week I hope... If they all get done early I will get them back early. If anyone else needs an address this new one will work better because I will be doing my tying there since I will be up there for work.. No worries to those who sent it to the Ammon address my girl friend will still receive those. Logan Peterson 1165 E. 1800 N., Terreton, ID, 83450
  15. If some one drops out I will join this
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