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  1. The Symposium website has the new brochure and details on the super fly competition up. Looks like another great lineup.. http://www.internationalflytyingsymposium.com/
  2. I got an email from Chuck Furimsky saying more information would be posted on the site 2 months before the show. So hopefully we will get something in the next few days. I will keep checking and let you know. .
  3. Had a chance to check out Dettes Fly Tying Days at the Catskills Fly Fishing Museum. Over 20 tiers on hand, raffles, seminars and more. Alot of fun and a chance to see some awesome flies. I attached some pics of my favorites. A deer hair popper from Pat Cohen, crayfish from Shaun Britton, crabs from Ed Michaels and some pike and saltwater patterns from Johnny King..
  4. The contest will be happening again this year. They will post slightly different requirements on the site aoon.
  5. It's definitely not going to punch through a heavy mat. I may actually tie it in a smaller version thats not so tough to cast and focus on edges and holes and see how it goes.
  6. All the instruction sheet says is to send it in a good box. There isn't anything about quantity from what I read. I'm going to send them an email tomorrow with a couple other questions and will ask.
  7. At this year's fly tying symposium in Somerset NJ (Nov 22 and 23) they will have the first Superfly Competition. There are 5 categories; trout, bass, salt, realistic and salmon/steelhead. Winners get some free gear, a feature in fly tyer magazine and a spot as a contract tyer for Rainey's. It's free to enter you just have to send your flies in by Nov first. I tried to attach h a link to the site but couldn't get it to stick. If you search fly tying symposium the contest info is at the bottom of the page.
  8. The tail is made of flash which I coat with silicon and then shape with scissors once it's dry. Super durable.
  9. After getting out fished by a good friend with a box of traditional bass jigs and trailers I took to the vise to come up with an articulated tail on a jig like fly. I think I'm close to calling for a rematch. Any critiques would be appreciated.
  10. I tie them as dense as possible and trim them as tight as I can but not so much that the joints get exposed.
  11. Have had some fun fishing these in local rivers and some of our small lakes that are heavily stocked. Would love to run them through some California bass water some day and give those swim bait guys a run for their money.
  12. I bought a bunch of these tin Cohiba 'Pequenos' boxes from a local cigar shop.. perfect size for streamers. This one has four Articulated Baby Bass that are almost ready for shipment. Looking for some micro slit inserts to make some cool fly boxes. Let me know if anyone had a good source.
  13. I will go to Walmart and try to find what your are talking about and try it out. I've been looking for a cheaper alternative to cct body fur which is what these were made of. I tie them as dense as I can so they hold their shape when wet.
  14. I use an 8 wweight and they cast fine. The first false cast sheds water quick.
  15. For the tail I tie in a bunch of flash on each side of the short tail section of the spine and work some silicone through it with my fingers to fan it out. I lay them on wax paper and when they get tacky I brush on a heavier coat to fill in any thin spots. Once it dries, which doesn't take much time, I peel them off and trim them to shape. I bought a big tube of silicone to put in my caulk gun, $6 and will last forever.
  16. Just finished a batch of articulated perch streamers for some customers. I used some household silicone and flash material to make durable, rubbery tails that really make the action.
  17. Yeah the light overhead washed the color out a bit
  18. Spent some time messing around with a firetiger pattern for local largemouth. This is what I came up with. It caught some decent fish on its maiden voyage. I bought some fish masks and experimented painting them with an airbrush and some lacquer based paints. They take paint very well and I think they look better than the original clear. You can let me know if you agree.
  19. Great fly! ! Great photography!!
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