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  1. If you have a Sally Beauty shop near you, they carry the thinner. Make sure it is not the Beauty Secrets acetone nail polish remover https://www.sallybeauty.com/nails/nail-color/nail-color-remover-and-thinner/nail-polish-thinner/SBS-163400.html?yoReviewsPage=2&gad_source=1&gclid=CjwKCAjw1920BhA3EiwAJT3lSdBqsXnjsAdTS_Tf5-ZDOmv1lgpspPW58-PaxZJHw6-EQd9QgfXRQBoCS54QAvD_BwE
  2. Either Blaine's Spring Creek in Montana; Silver Creek near Picaboo, Idaho; or the Madison River in Montana.
  3. I agree. The reason is that the wings act as air foils. Unless they are PERFECTLY symmetrical, the fly will spin and twist your leader. When that happens, the fly will land and the twisted leader will sip the fly in its side. The left and right wings must be taken from matching feathers from the right and left wings same duck or goose. The feathers must be taken from the identical place on each wing so they match in size and shape. That is why you will not find these flies sold in many places. If you do, buy just ONE and test cast it on a leader with a long tippet. I bet it will spin.
  4. I've tried both methods. You can also I found the the one clump of hair method is easier and faster.
  5. Many, many years ago, Fly Fisherman Magazine published a short article on the Humpy. The best fly tier for the Humpy is Kathy Buchner, the wife of Jay Buchner. Jay ran a fly shop in Jackson Hole, Wy for 35 years and fished for Team USA in international competition. The key to getting the wing exactly right is to tie the tail in first exactly the right length and then to measure the hair for the wing against the fly so it is the same length as the hook eye to end of tail. This method is in Skip Morris's book, The Art of Tying the Dry Fly The directions are reproduced here: http://www.flyanglersonline.com/flytying/fotw/120699fotw.php Kathy's method is much, much superior to Charlie Craven's method which required tying the hair wings in separately and then tying in the hair for the over the back separately. Kathy makes the over back and wing from the same clump of hair.
  6. Flagler must be recycling his posts. Here is an earlier video. Additional videos UV resin to glue hackle to the post: Complete fly using both methods above:
  7. You can remove a regular split shot easily with a hemostat the has a "pick" on it. How do you remove the cylindrical ones? How are they better than Twistons lead strips?
  8. Perdigons should be coated with UV resin. I have read several articles that state Perdigon nymphs were first introduced to the rest of the world by the Spanish Fly Fishing Team and popularized by the French Fly Fishing Team which was a more famous team in international competition. Perdigon means "pellet" in Spanish, named because it sinks like a pellet. https://www.collinsdictionary.com/es/diccionario/espanol-ingles/perdigón The UV resin coating gives the flies a translucent appearance. Click on link below for video. https://youtu.be/D-tuKpwbrX0?si=YJs6coK8BQMl9p_r Here are several reference articles. https://www.flyfisherman.com/editorial/perdigon-nymph/330985 https://www.flytying.ro/perdigon-nymphs-simplest-way-to-tie-them/ https://news.orvis.com/fly-fishing/video-tie-pliva-perdigon-nymph
  9. John Wick vs Rambo. I vote John Wick wins.
  10. This is primarily a fly fishing and fly tying site. Are you asking about fly fishing outfits? If so what fly line size or fish species are you targeting?
  11. I was at Stanford during the Vietnam war and one of my friends and classmate was in my freshman dorm. He was in the Navy ROTC and the Stanford ROTC was firebombed and burned down. So he had to wear his Navy uniform and travel to the Cal Berkeley Campus, which was a hotbed of Vietnam protests to do his weekly ROTC drills. He got a lot of abuse every week. His major was engineering and after graduation, he entered the US Navy submarine service. He eventually became Captain of the Ohio, the first Ohio class ballistic missle submarine and the largest ballistic missile submarine the US Navy has ever built. We exchange Christmas letters and I once asked him what he worried most about as the Captain of the Ohio. He said it was the security of the ballistic missiles on board. After he "retired" from tours on the Ohio, he taught at the US Naval War College. He taught courses for the captains of attack submarines on how to hunt down enemy missile submarines.
  12. I wrote a piece in Fly Tyer Magazine on how to dub. I wrote about it in the post below.
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