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  1. Hey guys, A lot of people I talk to that tie say that they never use stick on eyes, as they just fall off and the fish probably don't see them anyways as the fly moves past. That being said, I have had about an equal number of people say that stick on eyes can make all the difference when fishing for pickier fish. What do you guys think? Personally, I like stick on eyes. I think they add anglers appeal and they might just add to fish appeal as well.
  2. I agree, it could be a little thinner. But as long as it sinks I'm sure you'll be fine.
  3. I posted this picture on the last thread about EP baitfish. This is how I like to tie them, very sparse.
  4. Yeah they are stick on eyes. I try to stay away from dumbells if I can help it.
  5. No problem. I can see where you may have been mistaken, no big deal. It ran real nice through the water and I managed to get a couple small Snook on it. I have the river about two blocks from me so I always test my flies before I go out on a trip.
  6. Haha, I'm not 100% sure how to feel about your comment, Mike. The picture I posted is actually of an EP I tied up. Guess it needs more work than I thought. Oh well, back to the bench...
  7. I've just recently started tying EP Baitfish and I have just recently settled on a sparseness I like. It is fairly transparent. This makes it get below the surface really easy plus it looks really nice, I think. I gave it a black spot and added a little red to the "chin" for a little color contrast. If you look closely you can see I added a couple strands of krystal flash. BTW I use congo hair.
  8. Okay, I might tie up some weedless flies. And I'll be sure to post a full report on here afterwards. I am fishing on the Southwest coast of Florida, around Estero Bay.
  9. Hey there, later this week I plan on going kayaking in my local bay. I've fished it all my life but this is the first time I will be attempting to fly fish it. I will be fishing mangroves and a deepish sand flat (4-6ft) for snook, seatrout, redfish, and possibly jacks/ladyfish if boredom kicks in. So I was wondering if I could get some tips such as best way to fly fish a mangrove wall/sand flat and if I need to tie anything else. What I have in my box right now are: EP Baitfish Clousers Schminnows Tomoka Mullet sort of fly Gurglers A Shrimp. The weather is said to be about 8mph winds and the temperature will be mid 60's. Thanks for the help, August
  10. Oh, ok. I see now what you mean about the lack of finish. Thanks for the advice, I will take that into account next time.
  11. Yeah, I realized the "nose" was a little long but i figured it wouldn't do too much harm. I threw it a little in the river today and it looked great. I'm hoping once it warms up here SWFL I can get out onto the bay and get some Snook with it. Just tied my first crab fly which I used a mixture of patterns. Looks rough out of the water but I threw it a little and the legs give it some great action. Hope the reds like it.
  12. Well I've been gone I've been practicing tying up EP baitfish for saltwater. After some practice and a lot of wasted fiber I think I've finally got it. Just wondering what all you guys thought about it. Also, due to the high prices of EP fiber i chose to use Congo Hair from fly tyers dungeon. Does this type of synthetic hinder the flies ability in any way? Thanks, August
  13. Hello, As I get more and more into fly tying I feel compelled to tie a Schminnow for Snook. As I read up on the pattern I notice that they have little weight. I have bought a few from a friend and have noticed that he wraps the hook shank with lead wire. Any opinions on this? Do you guys weight your Schminnows in any way? I am about to put in a Schminnow order and will experiment with both weighted and un-weighted. Just wondering what you guys thought.
  14. Okay, thank you for explaining that. I wasn't aware of the difference.
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