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  1. The 8 packages with postage already are in the mail. We lost power yesterday so I was unable to purchase the postage for 3 packages so they will go out on monday. This was an amazing set of flies from everyone! Sorry for the delay and thanks to everyone for participating!
  2. Steve and Joseph your flies have arrived a week ago. This has been a hectic couple weeks work wise for me so I am sorry this is taking longer than planned. I have a day off so all the flies are heading in the mail on friday.
  3. I have heard from everyone so as soon as I receive them I will turn these around. Thanks again everyone!
  4. Sorry guys. i received Stilljerkin and add147 flies over a week ago. I am unable to send joseph russel a pm so please contact me. I have not heard from 1 person yet so I sent another pm.
  5. First page is updated, There are a couple sets in transit and I am contacting anyone who hasn't asked for an address yet. As soon as I hear from everyone i will let you all know.
  6. troutguy I got your flies yesterday
  7. I am glad I am not alone lol. These are a lot harder than I was expecting.
  8. Nice exchange rate for us right now
  9. fshng2 your flies have arrived!
  10. I receiver 2 great looking set's of clouser's today! Rich mc and JollyRed your flies have arrived.
  11. Sweet! I assume that was meant to go to the Mouse swap thread.
  12. I received a sweet looking set of clousers from vicrider today! Thank you.
  13. Mine will be done by the end of this week.
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