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  1. Yeah, Im probably worried about something that makes no difference. However, its something that Ive thought about.
  2. I've seen and heard of (on the Net) tiers putting a thin coat of UV resin on Quill Body Dries to make them more durable. My question is, will this effect how they float? My thinking is that adding weight/ extra material to a sparsely tied dry would make it more likely to sink. Anyone have some personal experience with this?
  3. When tying classic "Keys style flies" the feathers are tied at the back to help prevent fouling. The shank of the hook, so I've been told,was left bare for those who liked to snell the fly to the leader. IMO snelling the fly on makes it swim like its on a cable (bad idea). As far as covering the shank or leaving it bare, I don't think it makes a difference to the fish. My Background: Guided backcountry out of Papa Joes Marina, Islamaorada for 8 years. Hope this helps Ken
  4. Call it whatever you like, the fish will call it lunch!
  5. Cory, I'm not aware of any rods that have a snake for a stripping guide. That being said, when a tangle forms, flip the rod over and shake it. The knot/tangle should tighten up and go out of the rod, it sounds weird but it does work!
  6. I'll second the notion of flipping the rod upside down, it doesn't always work but it can be effective
  7. PHG, Thats what I was looking for, thanks. I'll also check some craft stores.
  8. I've seen that online, and may buy a pack to try. Unfortunately the few fly shops "near" me don't carry it.
  9. I have some really old winging material that I bought back in the '90s. It's called Lite Bright and was sold by Orvis, my problem is I'm now just about out of it and want more. Is anyone on here familiar with the material and could suggest a good replacement? The stuff I have makes a nice streamer and has a good amount of volume to it. Thanks, Ken
  10. Denduke, I like the look of those, are you doing the craft fur bodies as a sort of dubbing brush or just making it flare some other way?
  11. Thank you for the responses, I can see the white is different/ visable angle, but it just hasn't worked for me in the past. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I'll stick with other colors for squid.
  12. Why are squid flies typically tied in white? I have never seen a white squid in the water, they're more brownish red, so that's the color I usually try to match. I'm curious why more people don't do the same.
  13. The SC17's are, in my opinion, a bit too heavy if you will be fishing in "shallow water". The owner 5107 and Aki hooks are ok in my book, but as Bob said, the 3407 is a really good hook.
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