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  1. I know I stopped using a vest since I carried everything that I might possibly need during my fishing trip. I since then switched to a waistpack that does not allow me to carry as much stuff; but of course, I still manage to carry extra "things" that I don't use. Question: How many of you carry extra "things" that you have not used in your last several fishing trips. Part 2, what are the "things". I have at least 5 "things" I carry that I don't use: strike indicators, extra AA batteries for my little fashlight, EXTRA spools of tippet, measuring tape, 2 EXTRA prs. of hemostats (since 1 is not enough). I would like to hear how you fellows weigh yourselves down and with what.
  2. I must say it is getting dirty here boys. I had to call my wife and let her see the antics. She and I are enjoying the battle and laughing all the way. Thanks for the fun and don't stopwa
  3. QUOTE (steeldrifter @ Apr 19 2004, 08:58 PM) F*** these F***** fish i'm going to get my dry smokes ----Chris Hubbard Via PA Hey, I think I heard this one before
  4. Welcome to the club Mr. Quest You have made it to the dark side. I use the loop connector and I am buying leaders with the loop and doing the loop to loop thing. Get the vice and have fun.
  5. Bryanfly15


    I started out fly fishing with an indicator and one day just stopped using one; why? I don't know. I do nymph fish alot and watch and feel for strikes. I probably miss strikes, but I am just happy to be out on the waters. As for TV people using them, I think they do to have more hook-ups (since they are filming) and as a visual aid for us who are watching from our couch. We can see the indicator stop and a hook-up. I do carry two of them with me and I am not sure why.
  6. I have put to rest a few pair of Hodgeman breathables. I too am rough on waders. I float stock several different streams, do stream cleanups and of course fish with them from Dec. to Dec. I hung up my neo's 4 yrs. ago and have not touched them since. I ordered a pair of Orvis guide waders. I ordered them a bit larger so I could use them for steelheading, but they were so tight (still) at my thighs and calves that I returned them. I ended up with a pair of Simms Classic Guide waders ( I spend some money from time to time; that is when I get a little extra. My wife is very understanding of my passion for the sport). I love them. Two years strong with them and no problems. I hope everyone can find a pair that keeps them comfortable and dry so that they can enjoy what they are out there for - fishing
  7. Sounds like it was a great day. I did not make it up to Buffalo. I landed at Deer Creek with some friends. The weather was great, the water was nice and not as many people as I thought would be out considering the conditions. I can't wait to take my daughter out someday (she is only 9 months now).
  8. Welcome aboard tightlines and may your lines stay tight. Have fun and this is a safe "thing" to get addicted to.
  9. Welcome Sketch and welcome Vima. I hope you both have fun with the site and enjoy it as much as we do. Jump in and hang on.
  10. Welcome to the site Pat. Give it some time and you to will be tossing the flyrod and tying. Good site to learn anything about flyfishing. I still bait fish from time to time, but love the flyrod currently (new toy for me). You Mich. boys are overwheling this site. Hey Will, what is up with the percentage of Mich. boys now? I now at last count it was at 32.9%. It has to be over the limit now welcome
  11. There are some good ones in western, but mainly central. If you are in the area, let me know. I have been to several central streams and PA. is a great place to fish. You mentioned this summer and since I teach, my summers are pretty much so open. Drop me a line when ready
  12. Welcome from one steel chaser to another. You are in good company here and you will have fun. There are plenty of ideas and laughs, so join right in. Welcome to the site.
  13. I like the way they fit, but I also went through 2 prs. in less than two years. Not very durable (unfortunately). Good luck.
  14. Happy B-day, hope you get out and do some fishing.
  15. Good news. Good luck to you and your family. Hope you and mom can try to get some rest.
  16. I started out with a St. Croix rod and Courtland reel (6wt.). I got a few other rods and reels since then, but I do have an 8wt. 9'6" Loomis for my steelheading and it works well for me. Happy Shopping.
  17. Good luck to all you PA boys and girls. I will be out fighting the crowds. Over the years, the temps. and weather has not been nice. This year: sunny and mid 70's. It is going to be a zoo. We just had two consecutive days of heavy rains on sun. and mon., now the creeks have great flow, color and fish are spread out (I should know since I float stock 3 different streams). Good luck to all!
  18. Nice looking fish. I can't say I prefer one over the other since I have not mounted any fish that I have caught. I have some pics and mental memories. I have caught hundreds of steelhead, but only kept one, the very first one I caught. I don't eat fish, but I made myself eat it since I killed it. The reproduction does look very professional.
  19. Congrats John to you and your family. I am glad to hear that things are going well for you. I just had my first child this past year; Madison Brynn is almost 9 months old. It is a blast so have fun with it. Congrats again
  20. Good luck this weekend D - Flogger. I will be fishing with the Stankman. Folks, watch out for this guy he is sneaky. Sorry Dale for using your slot to talk to someone else
  21. Don't you think some of those outfits are a bit cheap for BDH. A $200 gown for someone of his calibor is insulting. You must get him into a gown for no less than $1000. He is class
  22. I would love to see the golden boy take on the steelhead with that outfit, I bet he could do it. Odds anyone?
  23. Happy (late) birthday Go out and fish
  24. JJ, that is true, but you know we will be in the 50's or 60's
  25. You gotta check out the movie if you get a chance. Some pretty girls are in it
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