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  1. Duffin Boy, welcome aboard. You have just entered the fun zone and hopefully you will enjoy it as much as myself and the many others. Welcome
  2. Welcome home crazy E. I have a friend named Eric and we call him crazy E. This is a site you will have fun with. One nice thing about fly fishing and tying, it is never to late to restart. Enjoy and welcome
  3. Hey OSD, maybe you can catch it and train it to be like a guard dog and have it guard your house. Sounds like a plan to me.
  4. Sorry about that Pat, didn't know. Maybe your last name influenced me without me even thinking about it. I have an aunt that lives out there somewhere in Cally. With earthquakes, mudslides, wildfires, smog, traffic and the state floating off into the ocean, I will chill here in Pa. Hope you do come back sometime and we can go wet the lines. The Steelers will be back, hopefully the pirates will come closer to having a winning season. Great talking with another burgh boy from across the way.
  5. Don't take any naps outside
  6. Trust me, I am not famous. I am just a young (31 if you can say young) African American fly fisherman from the Pittsburgh area. Nothing famous about me. I just start fly fishing and tying in the last about 5 yrs., but love it and will do it forever!
  7. Congrats, that will be fun. Enjoy it and blast something. Don't forget to give a shout out to the guys at the site here.
  8. They are calling for warmer temps. in my neck of the woods, 50 - 60 sat. & sun. Although I will be on Elk creek fishing steelhead and the temp. on sat. there will be low 40's. Still a bit chilly. Beautiful pic.
  9. I know your just playin', heck, so am I. I enjoy the site and interactions/conversations. Keep them comin'.
  10. I have a sage 3wt. that I absolutely love. I am lucky enough to have a wife allow me to splurdge (sp?) with some money every now and then. I am allowed to have another splurdge with some of our income tax check. My question: I am going to get another sage, but I am wondering/inquiring about getting a sage reel to go with it. I have a Ross reel now on my other sage and like it. I am thinking of getting a sage reel this time. Anybody have one or have any info. on their likes or dislikes? Thanks
  11. Luvinbluegills - I have fished and still do fish lock 3 dam area. Deer creek dumps in not far below the dam. I have waded lock 3 and up into the mouth of Deer creek. I do like Neshanny and the Yough and do fish both. I haven't hit Pine in several years (only the trout area). I have heard about the mouth of Montour, only good things. I don't fly fish the rivers too often, I am mainly a stream/creek/sm. river guy. I like to walk and "hunt" the fish. Soon enough we will hopefully meet on a waterway. I have to take you to fish Buffalo (dhalo sec.). I do fish other parts of Buffalo as well. I will be heading up there this weekend I hope.
  12. Patty, the Kiski is fishing and does have fish (edible ). It is nice to know that I am talking to a living historian of the area ( ). The high school is now "Valley High School" - the Valley Vikings. Do you miss the area? If you ever come back this way, let me know and we will hit a trout stream or two. Watch for the mud.
  13. All this talk of playa's, pimps and game; sounds like you fellas are from my neck of the woods. You guys hangin' down on 5th? You can hate the game, but don't hate the playa! Comin' from a TRUE PLAYA
  14. Not a problem, I understand. You do want you gotta do and take care of that nun. Hope we can fish tegether sometime. Hopefully those people won't be looking for you on some stream or would they? What streams do you like to fish or did I already get that info. from you?
  15. Hey D. Waterflogger, you know one of my streams (the Buff) and familar with the veg. there. I am planning on fishing it this weekend. Probably on Sat. Interested ? Sure would be nice to know who you are or is it a surprise until we meet someday on the buff? Who are you
  16. Smalliehunter, that is ; you should fire him. Good to know you are not out there fishing non-stop. Don't work to hard, cause I'm not.
  17. Smalliehunter, haven't heard from you lately. did I hurt your feelings with the ohio vs. pa stuff?
  18. Welcome Chris, you will truly enjoy the site, guys, gals and the info. you get from the crew. Welcome and get those feet wet
  19. Bid Daddy, didn't mean to offend you, sorry for leaving a category out. It goes to show I have more to learn about fly fishing; thanks for the lesson teach. D Waterflogger, what can I say? You either know me or you are very studious in picking up bits and pieces of my posts. Where are you from? Do you know me?, if so, who you be? Thanks guys for responding, it is interesting to see what people like to fish with. I have caught my biggest fish with streamers, love watching a trout rise to a dry, but I can't deny a nymph (keeps me with the trout and those beautiful steelies). For some of you steelhead junkies, erie tribs are pretty much opened up the entire length and getting some good reports. If you would like to check out a site, www.fisherie.com.
  20. Hey luvinbluegills, I thought I tried to get it out of you before; where at in da burgh are you located? If you don't want to tell, that is okay. I am in New Kensington, fun place.
  21. Happy B-day to you and I hope you are able to go out and catch a nice trout on your special day. Enjoy the day
  22. I was supposed to go out last year. I have a fishing buddy who guides out there for trout and bass (central pa area). I went and fished with him for the green drake hatch on Penns and he told me to come back for smallies on the sus. I was going, but unfortunately, my uncle was stabbed and ended up passing away. So I may be interested in getting out there, heard it is a blast. I also might be going to Montana/Idaho/Wyoming for 16 days of fishing the last week of July to the first week of Aug., so if I go there, doubt I can make the Smallie trip, but it is a must someday.
  23. I know you guys and gals have talked and wrote about what one fly you would want to fish with for the rest of your life. Great question. I loved reading the responses. Now I thought about this: If you had to pick one "style", which one would it be(dries, nymphs, or streamers)? This means you have for example all the nymphs possible, but can not fish with dries or streamers ever again. Which one? I love dry fly fishing, but not much around my dwelling. I do well with streamers and always catch fish (my choice of one fly was a bugger). But my answer is going to be nymphs. Hope you folks will holla at me so I can read your responses.
  24. I hear ya. I am a high school math teacher and I do see it at the high school level. We will see about Pitt choking I give Uconn some props, they have a solid men and women's team. Sorry to the rest of you for talking football and hoops. I should know better when there is a wonderful site devoted to fishing; my passion. I am going to tie flies with friends tonight and drink a few cold ones; anyone want to come?
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