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  1. Both are now pending till Monday. If anything changes I will update this then.
  2. One is pending. One still available.
  3. END OF YEAR SALE- I have two 11' 3wt 5pc euro nymphing blanks left from this past year in inventory so going to offer an end of year sale on these. They will be built up and shipped well before Christmas so even makes a nice gift. You will be able to pick the grips shape, if you would like a cork butt or not, wraps color, trim color etc etc. The blanks are a really nice Golden Olive such as the picture shows. Will have my usual hand turned burl cork grips similar to the picture. These I normally sell for $165 but sale price on these two are $119 ea. Only have two at this price so pretty much first come first dibs.
  4. Figured I would post here because some members just read the tying section and not the lodge etc section. To all that knew Ken(Mad Duck), please see the post in the lodge. Thanks.
  5. I always hate sharing news such as this. But I wanted to let everyone know that Ken (aka- The Mad Duck) here on the site, passed last weekend. I had gotten to know Ken pretty well over the past few years, and he was a great guy that loved fishing his favorite pond for gills, and getting out duck hunting in the fall. He had confided in me over the past year about what he had been going through health wise. I won't go into detail about it, but he was put through a LOT in the past year, yet never once mentioned it on the public forum here. That's just the type of guy he was, he didn't want pity or people to view him in a different way. I felt privileged that he thought enough of me to share with me privately what he was dealing with. His passing was way too young, and he will be missed by all that knew him and became friends with him over the past few years. Rest in peace Ken.
  6. 10' 2wt euro rod just out of the shop this morning.
  7. Latest off the bench. 10' 3wt for a female angler that went through the Casting For Recovery program.
  8. Pair of rods for a carp angler all ready to go. Used colors that go along with the carp color tones and just flipped the main & trim on the one to match the other.
  9. Will do..Might have some pics to share of guns stuff and movie stuff
  10. Mike has not been back since he decided to step away a few months ago. But I am happy to say, I still stay in touch with him on a weekly email bases, and his work is bringing him with in 4hrs of me on Dec 15th. He;'s gonna make the drive up to spend 2 days with me dec15/16th. Looking fwd to seeing Mike again for the first time in 4 yrs. We are gonna go to the shooting range, and spend some time in the theater room
  11. One of the icons of the sport. He will be remembered for a very long time to come though that's for sure.
  12. Beauty of a 7wt rod ready to head out to its owner tomorrow. This is one of my favorite color/finish of blanks that we bring in to build on.
  13. Real nice 7' spin rod with burl grips and microwave guide system headed out of the shop this weekend to its new owner.
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