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  1. Unreal, this has got way off topic from what my original post starting this thread is about, which I am still dealing with (my current health) and still having a very difficult time on some days with like today. So if you guys want to nit pick about the education of an audiologist, or what qualifies someone as a doctor or a medical professional,or any other crap like this about this stuff then start another post. I swear sometimes the way people go back and forth over the tiniest stuff online just amazes me.
  2. Travel 5pc light/med spin rod with Microwave guide system just done up and out of the shop.
  3. You are totally missing my point and trying to get way to technical on this. I am simply saying to excuse someone from jury duty, IMO a note from a certified Audiologist "should" be considered good enough. Not saying it "is" but saying it "should" if things were done in a common sense fashion. Which obviously they are not.
  4. My point is they take notes from non-doctors whom are just employers. Hell when I was younger my boss as the Landscaping co I worked for wrote a note that excused me. An audiologist now is required to have a doctoral in audiology. Hearing is a pretty important part of the human body so IMO a professional that is educated & skilled in that area should trump just some Joe Schmo.
  5. That's ridiculous. They will take any ol' note from an employer to excuse someone from jury duty, but they won't accept something from an Audiologist whom is a trained MD. Unreal.
  6. NFC 10-17lb 1pc casting rod with split grips and Pac Bay seat with no fore grip and micro recoil guides.
  7. I actually was somewhat keeping track when I started building it, but I stopped counting when I got around 400hrs, and that was maybe 3/4 the way through it. So I'm gonna guess well over 500+hrs into it.
  8. Boy I'm sure glad you clarified the "I Love You" rod ahead of time 🤣
  9. Upgrades/mods on the 1/5 scale today. As with any custom project after you get it going there's always the chasing down of what needs to be more heavy duty. One major issue was breaking servo gears in the s9020 servo in crashes. Even with the HD servo saver when 50lbs of truck slams the front wheels sideways in a wreck bad things happen fast when the axle has a ton of steering radius built into it. So I fabricated some steering stops out of steel and used the existing holes already in the top of the Hesse axles. Had a cartwheel style wreck the other day and servo gears were just fine so that worked well. Also upgraded the 4-links from 5/16 to 3/8 steel after snapping one of the 5/16. And also added two more 5/16" steel rear steer locks outs so it now had quad lock out bars since it bent one of the ones when I just had dual on it. Still have to swap the front 4 links to the new 3/8" bars but will do that this week.
  10. Hope you enjoy it bud. I'm thinking it should be a nice fit for those big gills you catch right in between needle and Longclaw for length.
  11. Great looking work Bryon.
  12. If I had to run 3 miles as fast as I could the value of my rods would surely increase. Value always goes up after an artist dies 😁
  13. That's quite the requirement right there. If I'm not mistaken I think the normal average for someone in good shape and fairly young is around 9 minutes 😬
  14. I've tried meditation a number of times over the past 10 yrs or so. Have had varying results. Sometimes it was good, others it was really hard to stick with it. I think when I had the problems was because at the time I felt I was failing because I couldn't clear my mind, it would wander. It wasn't until I got a bit more into it that I realized the goal is not to clear your mind, but to simply bring it back to center when it inevitably does wander. I think this time it is going a bit better for me mainly because I have a real goal for it (the tinnitus). Going to stick with it no matter what. Even if I get totally habituated to the sound, I want to try to set aside 20-30mins or so each evening to stick with meditation.At the moment I am only able to do about 10mins at a time, but that should increase as I get more use to it again. It really is a good way to calm your mind and make your overall outlook on your life more positive.
  15. My Mom is the same way. She's 77, has tinnitus and hearing loss as well. I normally have to repeat 50% of the things I say two-three times to her. I've tried to get her to get hearing aids but she wont. I even bought her some of those "Game Ear" hunting ones last Christmas to see if she would at least try them. Think she took them out twice for about 30 mins and thats it.
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