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  1. Quick little end of spring sale on a couple rods. I have two new 6'6" 2wt 4pc rods I am offering at a sale price to clear them out before I shut down for the month of June for an annual fishing trip. I only have two of these so they are first come first serve. They will be done on Monday and ready to ship then. Both are almost identical to the one in the picture. Normally these are $155 but sale price is $110 each.
  2. Haven't posted rod pics for a couple weeks. Not because I haven't done any, but rather because I've been so busy with trying to get caught up on rod orders so I can start getting ready for my annual 2 week trip next month. So while I had some free time this morning I figured I would post a few pics of some of the latest builds from the past couple weeks.
  3. Nice. Nothing more fun than non stop smallie action 👍
  4. Looks like a fun day Bruce. Huron?
  5. Took a break from rods this morning to pull streamers on a local stream for a couple hrs. Not a bad day at all, first trout of the year. Anyone know what kind of snake that is? I "think" Eastern hog-nose? but not sure.
  6. That's "Action Figure" to you good Sir 😆
  7. Took a break from rods today to finish up painting my latest 3D print. Rambo will look right at home next to John Wick in the gun room.
  8. Here is one just finished up which was a heck of a project, but well worth the work/effort. Out of the over 2,200+ rods I have built in the 20+ yrs in business, I think this one for sure makes the top 5 of them all, maybe even higher. This centerpin rod is for a customer who is a former Michigan State Spartans Rose Bowl champion. So I wanted to do everything I could to make it a rod he'll love and have for the rest of his life to remind him of his victory. Blank is an 11' Immortal RX8 blank. The grips I sliced over 65 rings of cork in various thickness/styles to get the design to flow how I liked, and added some green dyed cork to flow with the Spartans theme. The reel seat is a beautiful piece of green dyed burl wood from Ron Weber of Southwest Custom Rods in Az. Uses Fuji guieds wrapped in green/white Spartan colors with a double turn of gold in the center of the wraps. Then I did an alternating gold & gold/white twist wrap in front of the grip with white & gold trim which gives the illusion of a football field & end zones.
  9. Kind'a funny ya said that Greg, because I actually was 😆 Did some Metallica, Ozzy and a few others. I also did a leather jacket I use to wear with a skeleton riding a skeletonized bull back when I was a bouncer at a country bar in the 90's. Ah the good ol' days
  10. It's huge. It was a 1/6 scale file that I bought to print it which is massive. So I scaled it down to 65% and it still is at probably at least 18"x18"x12"
  11. Happens to all of us. For some reason it seems to happen in spurts. Past month I haven't had any issues at all, then the past 2 days it's been a 50/50 gamble as to if it happens or not.
  12. After 1 full month worth of work I finally finished what I think is my best 3D print to date. This is the "get off the road" scene from Lord Of The Rings where the hobbits are hiding from the Ring Wraith. It's about 45 or so individual pieces that I had to print, then assemble/fill/sand/airbrush. Was a lot of work but I'm very pleased with the final product on this one.
  13. Will hasn't really been active with FTF for probably at least 8 or more years now. He doesn't really tie or fish much anymore far as I know, but he still pays to bills to keep the place open for everyone which is really nice of him. We use to talk quite often and fish together every once in a while, but I haven't actually spoke to him in person for a number of yrs now. I believe all is okay with him, but just things in his life changed over the years is all.
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