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  1. I always get one size bigger. I wear a 12.5 - 13 street shoe and always get size 14 wading boot. I like to wear a thick thermal type sock over my stocking foot of my wader because it protects the waders plus cushions the feet after fishing all day. So one size up helps with that.
  2. vicente not sure on smartphones(I don't use them) but on PC if you go up to the header and click the site name it takes you to the main forum list from wherever you are in the site/threads.
  3. Never heard of Unorthodox. I'll have to see what that is about. Mike I have only seen about 20 mins of 2001 space odyssey. That's another one I have just never got around to seeing but will have to try to do so at some point.
  4. Just saw Epix ch is showing multiple Bond movies this week. I know what I will be doing! 🙂
  5. As to effectiveness of surgical masks and other protective gear during surgery, that is probably a conversation I will not get involved in as I am someone whom lost my 51 yr old Sister exactly 11 months ago due to an infection she got during surgery. So probably best if I bow out of this conversation now as I have very personal and strong opinions on some aspects of this subject. I will let Mike monitor this thread from here forward.
  6. It's from droplets spraying out during speech, not actually hanging in the air which is what air borne illness means. No "harm" but also not needed as long as I said keeping your/my mouth closed accomplishes the exact same thing. Truth of the matter is as per most research/articles all basically say the same thing. If its an n95 resp type mask that does help, but those are supposed to be left for med people. A typical surgical/dust mask being lose fitting and thin does not offer much help for the most part. So again, just keep mouth closed and that accomplishes the main goal. If someone feels they want to wear a mask, more power to them by all means do it.
  7. I almost watched the one you mentioned chug (platform) Watched the trailer and just couldn't decided if I wanted to give it a go or not. The premise looked interesting, but did look like it may be a bit weird so just haven't decided yet if I will sit down and give it a go. Been watching the new EPIX series "War of the Worlds". That's been pretty good so far, but the last episode of that kind'a looks like it might be headed in a weird direction too, so not sure if it's gonna start getting weird as well.
  8. Personally I am not wearing it. One thing is I am trying to limit myself to only one trip out a week to get some groceries and do anything else I have to do. Other is I personally do not see a need for a mask to prevent it. This is not actually air borne, it is at most, the droplets in your "spit" for lack of a better term. So simply don't sneeze/cough or talk close to anyone at the store. Don't really need a mask to do that, imo that is just common sense, just keep your mouth closed and it accomplishes the same thing. Maybe we could mandate a "keep your mouth shut in public" law after this is over, I'd rather enjoy that lol
  9. 7ft spin rod with Microwave guide system, custom burl grips and fuji seat all done up.
  10. I still remember my first trip. Was about 1992/93 range and my Dad and I fished a section of the Au Sable near our cabin. Didn't catch a fish that first time out but remember Dad had a rainbow rise and miss his dry fly which we were both thrilled with seeing since it was our first time out on the fly. So not successful in fish catching, but successful in making memories for sure because here it is almost 30 yrs later, Dad has long since past (lost him in 1996) and yet I still remember the trip vividly.
  11. Watched that alligator movie "Crawl" yesterday. I'm normally a fan of the monster type movies, but boy did that one suck. So much wrong with that one I wouldn't even know where to start.
  12. Yeah Will (Smalliehunter) should be able to combine your accounts like he did mine. Drop him a private message.
  13. Was Dave a member here? Not that it makes a difference, but just didn't know if I knew him or not. My deepest condolence to his family for sure.
  14. I have a buddy that makes knives, he started about 5 or so yrs ago. I showed him this pic Mark. His exact words to me...'Are you F***in kidding me?" I think that speaks volumes about your skills bud
  15. Vicente - LOL that pic is killin me
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