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  1. Just off the bench today. 11' 3wt 5pc with bit of more of a mini spey style grip setup so the owner can flip his euro set up better two handed. Black wraps & silver trim give this one a nice clean look.
  2. Pretty much normal like always far as activity goes per daily/weekly (going by site usage activity info). With that said, late summer usually is the slowest time of the year for the site. People getting in their last summer trips, school starting for the kids, getting ready for fall sports like hunting and such.
  3. 10' 3wt 4pc just off the bench. This one done up in silver & gold wraps, carbon fiber seat, and burl full wells & butt.
  4. JB weld is one of those things where you say "yeah right, that stuff won't work".....till you try it, then think "holy crap that stuff works!" lol I have about a 20yr old? Lamson Litespeed reel. One of the first ones they made. The two screws that hold the foot to the frame stripped out about 15 yrs ago. I JB welded it, been rock solid every since.
  5. A simple hair dryer set on low is the normal way to do it most times. Have done it myself back when I offered cane rods for awhile many years ago when Bob use to make the cane blanks for me. Most important thing is to not get it too hot, just set to low and let it warm up slowly.
  6. That's a negative on the safe Ghost Rider. Have had them before and don't care for them. Too big and heavy to move, can't access a home defense gun in any sort of time, would have to carry it down the stairs. Not a fan. I understand they would be good for the average person that works away from home and spends 10+hrs a day away from home and needs that piece of mind. For me though I work from home and being such an introvert, I am home 99.5% of the time, so I'm hardly ever away from here. I can clean my guns and keep them dust free pretty much all the time because of that as well. The "tinkering" with hobbies is something I enjoy anyway. Since I'm here most the time and have steel doors with deadbolts as well as other security measures I'm not too concerned about anyone breaking in.
  7. Well, someone get ready to take over for me here on FTF. I'm sure I'm now on some watch list somewhere. Was just looking at a site to see about what I was thinking about buying for parts. And they had a tactical 12g on sale just dirt cheap. I did not need it, but for the price. Ordered, shipped to my local FF guy. Pick it up this weekend. I need help lol. Aweeeee.... OCD, thou art a bitch!
  8. Rich, it is a bit more slow than the 10' one. The 10' one has a 4.5 tip top, and the 11' one has a 4.0 tip. So it has a longer, but thinner taper which gives it more flex. It's a great rod for nymphing, but somewhat pigon-hold to that IMO. I was thinking about building one for myself for dries on the wider sections of the Au Sable, but I don't do much under size 14'ish, and I don't do a ton of nymphing, so I may not do it. Great rod for euro though, just not really my thing is all. It's really more of a euro rod than anything else IMO. Just being honest is all.
  9. I'm always busy with some project. My OCD is a blessing and a curse at the same time. Since I got back into firearms recently after being somewhat out for 25 yrs, OCD is back in overdrive(duh, have you even met me?lol) In between workin' on rod orders each day, I have been putting in many hours on a gun room area down in the shop, to go along with the rod building area, 3d printing area, Rc truck area, aquarium area..... what ever is next area Still waiting for all the slatwall hooks to show up tomorrow so I can move all my guns to it, but got a lot of the main work done now. Waiting for a bunch of trigger locks to show up as well. This will give me not only a nice area, but a more secure place for all my guns while still keeping the home defense ones near. Lot's more work to be done but getting there. I did mention OCD right?
  10. I'll be damned if another one of these things didn't follow me home today. I tried to shake it on the way home, but it was pretty intent on following me 😁
  11. Another 11' 3wt 5pc euro rod out of the shop this morning. This one with dark green main & gold trim, lots of burl corks in the grip, and carbon fiber reel seat.
  12. Latest 11' 3wt 5pc out of the shop. This one done in a more subtle look with dark charcoal grey wraps and no trim. Lots of burl mixed into the grip and a carbon fiber reel seat.
  13. Another 11' 3wt 5pc just off the bench. This one with charcoal grey & metallic gunsmoke wraps, carbon fiber seat, brown burl grip and single foot guides.
  14. I just wish I could get my rods OUT more this year. This year has been a bit rough for time on the water. I had that nice long 2 week trip back in June, but haven't been able to get out since then yet again Good luck with the birds Ken.
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