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  1. Both you guys had some beautiful brookies! I'm jealous.
  2. Another thing checked off the "to-do" list on the 1/5 truck project. Fabbed my own rear steer lock out. I was going to do it like Bari & others do with the baja shock shafts/rod ends, but couldn't find just the bare shafts without other parts (high cost) so decided to make my own lock out myself out of solid 5/16 steel round stock. Filed some flats on it then welded some 1/8" steel plates on the ends. squared the housing face to the side face of the hub so it was 90 deg and located the holes. Finally had something on this project go off without a hitch! lol. rear tires are dead straight and solid as a rock.
  3. Getting ever so close now. After spending a couple days extending the rear of the chassis to fit the two smc lipos I got her almost together now. Just have to wire in the ESC, do the steering and then rear steer lock out, few odds & ends like links for the sway bars and add limiting strap mounts, then it'll be ready for testing before going to the powder coater. The rear chassis length now is perfect as a wheelie bar as well. Had to do the good ol' drop test toi see how the suspension works. Lands with minimal bounce and soaks it right up. Set it up with about 25% droop then 22.5w oil in the shocks and progressive springs. I think it's gonna be a real good big air truck.
  4. Well usps sucks and still waiting on a big order of cork to show up so I can get on a few rods I have to build. Worked on the 1/5 scale truck today but ran out of 1" flat stock steel so have to wait till tomorrow to go get some of that. Tv sucks as always, so decided to spend a lil relaxing time doing some crawling on the indoor course for a bit this evening.
  5. Lipos came today. Had a bit of an issue, but disaster averted. I went with some of the most powerful 4s I could find which were the smc 9700mah 120c graphene plate lipos, and they are BIG as you can tell in the first pic lol. So the battery trays needed to be revamped. So I ended up cutting off the back of the chassis, making a poly plate which I cut and extended/mounted the battery trays too. This will be bolted to the chassis but ran out of 1" steel flat stock so had to stop for tonight. Once that's in then I'll weld the rear of the chassis back on only 1" longer and grind the weld down before powder coating so it won;t be noticeable. Not fun but not as bad of a issue as I thought it would be when I first saw the batts. Just one of those things you run into with a custom build.
  6. 😎😎😎 Learned long ago in high school woodshop not to wear anything loose. Our teacher did a good job of making that clear (still remember his name, Mr.Barth the woodshop teacher, I always liked him) but tight gloves work wonders. I don't wear gloves for 95% of my work in the shop, but with those wire wheels on the grinder I always use gloves & glasses. Too many times I've had to pull wire splinters out of my hands days to weeks later. Actually had one in my foot from working on the rc truck that finally just last week I think either came out, or went in deep enough to not bother me any longer 😄
  7. Cool Mike I like it. Need to have ya make one for the theater room one of these days! Watching you use the wire brush wheel with no glove make my hand itch just thinking about it lol. I hate those wire wheels on a bench grinder. They work great, but always seem to throw off little wires that embed in my hand, shirt....socks&feet 😄
  8. Was planning on finishing a couple rods this weekend but as usual usps sucks and the cork that was a supposed to be here Friday still is out there in limbo somewhere. So just working on the latest Rc truck build, cleaning the shop, and might get out and do some fall clean up yard work if it warms up a bit more (only 42f here at the moment).
  9. What running line did ya get Darrell? On my Skagit rod I changed over to the OPST Lazer line myself last year and love that stuff.
  10. I've got a local place that did my other one for me that's extremely affordable. $50 and they blast and powder coat. Hard to say no to that Thanks, it's coming along really well so far. Had a few issues along the way but nothing yet that caused too much trouble. Biggest thing is that it's starting to get heavy, with the axles/tires on it's getttin' hard to lift & move around with my bad shoulder. Gettin old sucks.
  11. Yup it'll have some pretty serious punch to it. Basically 8s at 29.6v. Gonna need it though, takes a good amount of power to move 43-44lbs. The modern ESC's now have a built in BEC (battery eliminator circuit) as well as cut off for the lipos, so there's no need for a separate battery for the RX like there use to be. It will run full power till the lipo gets to the low voltage cutoff level, then the power will cut off on its own leaving the truck with just steering but no throttle.
  12. Latest out of the shop this morning. 11' 5/6wt switch rod all done up very subtle looking and ready to go.
  13. Pair of 4s lipos (120c 9700mah) wired in parallel.
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