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  1. I am not sure if the PLA I am currently using floats or not, but there is a huge variety of filaments I can use on this so I'm sure one of them will float. One upgrade I bought at the same time I bought the printer is the Swiss dual gear direct drive extruder/metal hot end combo. That allows the use of all sorts of filaments. There's actually a flexible filament that I can use which is basically the same thing as soft rubber baits like twister tails and such. Its crazy the type of stuff you can print on these things.
  2. Actually you'd be surprised at how long it lasts. They sell it in 1kg spools (2.2lb) and the filament I am using is PLA+ which costs about $24 per spool. I've done this statue, three smaller statues, a set of headers for one of my 1/10 scale rc trucks, and a couple of smaller items for rc trucks, and I'd say I have used maybe at most, 5% to 10% of the spool so far if even that much. It lasts a really long time from what everyone says. Kind'a surprised me as well because I thought it would go through it much faster than it does.
  3. Still have to clean it up and paint it when I can get some free time, but this came out really nice looking. Mark I wouldn't be surprised if they have some Vikings files on Thingiverse, they have almost anything on there. I'll have to look and see if they do.
  4. New toy in the shop. After a couple months of research and trying to learn a bit on my own about them I went and bought a 3D printer earlier in the week. Just finished last night building an enclosure for it. First few days were a little rough on the learning curve but really starting to get the hang of it now. Almost done with a 12hr print of a Game of Thrones statue for the theater room
  5. Looks like some nice water there Shawn. I've had some slow days myself, been out locally the past 2 days in a row and not a single fish to hand. So looks like your slow days are a lot better than my slow days right now 😁
  6. I ordered something else and they only offered usps. Ordered Jan 3rd, still don't have it yet (Ny to Mi). Been 3 weeks since Christmas so can't use that excuse still. They just suck, no two ways about it lol
  7. Because of the COPPA laws youtube did last year it opened the door for huge headaches and fines on any video that is labeled as made for kids but does not follow to the absolute strictest guidelines they put forth. So now when you publish a video it gives two choice, made for kids & not made for kids. Pretty much everyone just clicks not made for kids to avoid all the BS and hassle.
  8. Yup, agree with all of the above. Really the only way around it is to click "Video is not made for children" when you upload it and then you don't have to worry about it. The problem for you though TIER is you are a minor so that means it's not made for you even though you made it. Catch .22
  9. Steeldrifter

    Cabin build

    12g with first round being buck shot and rest backed by slugs, plus a .44 side arm would be my choice. Dem dar'bears up yonder be big'uns! Might just piss him off with that .40 Glock 😁
  10. I was wondering, that spear fishing pic on the wall in your shanty with the giant pike. Was that one you guys took?
  11. While I am not a fan myself of ice fishing, I do have to admit that does look like a great time. Nice looking bows Mark, bet you guys had a blast 😎
  12. Dave I think letting you know we care is much more important than my fishing report I just now got on here and read the replies. I am so sorry to hear of her passing. That is a very hard thing to deal with so take your time and go at your own pace, some days will be better than others I'm sure you already know that. If you ever need to talk or just pass time, I / we are here for you.
  13. Should look into some military camo netting if you are really gonna tryin' make it disappear 😁 https://www.amazon.com/Hydfu-Camo-Netting-Woodland-Camouflage/dp/B08936X6DZ
  14. Make sure to post of some pics of your prints Landon. Interested to see what sort of stuff you come up with.
  15. Looking real good Mike. Glad to see you are now at the fun part. Nothing is more enjoyable than having a new space for your hobby/work and watching what you have planned in your head come forth in front of your eyes. Enjoy it!
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