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  1. Ah, leave them alone.....remember that the Michigan cheerleaders have to use industrial strength Nair. It is a beautiful rod though.
  2. I will be fishing Tellico next week.... and will tie a few of these. Very good video and thanks.
  3. Twenty-five years ago I bought a Regal rotary vise and a pedestal for it. I have not tied flies in years, but am about to start again. The vise was evidently a C-clamp model, with a long shaft. Years ago I just used it with the pedestal and never had a problem. Now I feel like a bird with flapping wings....the thing just seems too high. My question is: what is the average height of a pedestal model? I never received a C-clamp with the vise, so maybe this is just normal....but I have a hacksaw.
  4. I live between Maryville and Townsend. After I retired we spent four years on a Sioux reservation in SD. Then came back to the mountains. Fly fishing has been in my blood since 1964. This area has so many opportunities for a flyfishermen; everything from lakes to small streams full of brookies.
  5. I just found this site. Years ago I tied trout flies and just started to get back into it. Have a Regal vise and fish old school Browning Silaflex rods....several, actually many!!. I fish the finger lakes of the Smokies and several other lakes around here. There is a trout stream right out my back door. At 72 I feel blessed; all my kids are off my payroll and doing well, I have a great wife and we have reasonable health. I look forward to learning a lot here. Ampetu wasteyelo, wapanocca
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