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  1. Matt I couldn't tell what thread you used for the Head so I went ahead and used a Light Olive Silk. I was very much inpressed with it. I do like the contrast differ from the mead and body. But I will try the Dark Olive Silk if I can find any. Thanks again, Richard
  2. Matt, Soft Hackle Flies are my favorite flies. This one looks mighty sweet and I am definiatly going to add it to my list. Good Job. :thumbsup: Thanks, Richard
  3. Fontinalis, I have to agree, That is some Collection. Myself, I have the 1962 edition of "Trout". This was the first Trout Fishing book I have ever read. I still use it for coming up with ideas for the River that I fish. I would come up with an idea for a Streamer but I would usually end up finding something very simular in the Wet Fly selection. Best wishes with your Project.
  4. I was struck with awe. What a HARD choice. I do not care who won but, to me, seeing all those flies and the Artsmanship that it took, made my chin hit the floor. My BEST WISHES to all the Tiers.
  5. Being a Old Cold Weather Angler, myself. I saw this article and thought I should check it out. I was very Happy how it was presented and the knowledge that went into it. I especially liked the part about not wearing Jeans. A lot of people out there does not know that Cotton Kills when it comes to Cold Weather. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the Articles. Keep up the Good Work and Stay Warm. Richard
  6. I personally have a 12 String Fender Model F-330-12. I mostly play American and Celtic Folk Music and when I am looking up songs I usually go to my Google Bar, type in the "Name of the Song, Chords, Lyrics". This will usually take me to a site where I can get the Info that I need. Good Luck
  7. A good cheap substitute for Jungle Cock would be the Mearn's Quail. The breast feather resembles the Jungle Cock. You can find these at: www.blueribbonflies.com
  8. I guess I would be a cross between Dry Fly Dan and ?? :dunno: ?? I tie mostly Soft Hackle Flies and Streamers. I will find some that I just HAVE to tie but mostly I come up with my own. Sometimes a Fly will come to me in the middle of the night and I have to get up and tie it. So who would "?? :dunno: ??" be?
  9. Thanks Everyone for you assistance, I did email Mustad about this issue and I did get a reply from them who is the Ohio Distributor. Bob Banks Banks, Inc. P.O. Box 730 Lake Forest, IL 60045 847-816-0800 FAX 847-816-7385 I have come to find out that Partridge Hooks are now own by Mustad. They will be sending me a Catalog of the different hooks they have. According to Bob, when Mustad took over Partridge Hooks, there were several duplicates of the same hook and has since been renumbered accordingly. All I can do now is to keep my fingers crossed. And Ashbourn, if you can find the Partridge J1A, please do email me for I am interested in using some to tie even if I use them for display only. And 3wt., I will look into those "Scorpion hooks 31550 All Purpose". And Flytire, I did check your site but I was unable to determine what most of the hooks were. When I find out anything from Mustad that will suit my purpose, I will let everyone know. Thanks again
  10. I would have to say Trout without a second thought. I have to say however that I have caught several species of warm water fish with Smallmouth Bass included. The only warm water fish that I have never caught, on the Fly, has been a Walleye. But the Sweet Smell of the Mad River makes a Big Difference to me. I use to fish the Great Miami and Stillwater Rivers but once I got my nose near the Mad that was all she wrote.
  11. I am having a hard time trying to find some hooks for my Soft Hackle Flies. Presently I am using a Sprout Bend but I would like to use more Traditional Hooks. The only two that I am aware of that meets my specification are the Mustad 3666 or the Partridge J1A. 1. Limerick Bend 2. Standard Shank 3. Standard Weight 4. Turned Down Eyes 5. Hook Sizes 10 - 18 If there is another brand that has these specification please let me know. I would like to find these hooks here in the States and try to avoid the Oversea's Cost. If anyone could help me here I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
  12. I have to agree with Big Daddy Hubbard. I usually tie one or two a day. I would not make it very well with tying hundreds of the same fly let alone tying 10 flies of the same pattern. I like to experiment and be creative. I like it best when there is no noise in the house and my Wife and dog are in bed. Total Quiet. About all of my Flies are of the Soft Hackle variety and I try to come up with ones that fits my environment, strictly the Mad River in Ohio. I like mostly fishing small for large or small Trout. I really got the bug (pardon the pun) when I caught my first Trout on one of my own patterns. Now when I go out I usually make less than 20 casts and I am done for the day and that is being on the River for an hour and a half. It is just being able to get out there, sit on the bank and watch what is going on around me with NO Telephones, NO TVs, NO Computers and as a matter of fact, Anyone else. Just Quiet.
  13. Thanks OSD, I believe that it was your idea to use the deer hair for the tail and I am going to try it. I was in the Mad River this past Friday and I saw plenty of spent Tricos. So I have been thinking about tying myself up a couple and trying them out. The one thing that I noticed was that the body color was an iridescent black body with a smokey gray wings and I was going to use Magpie Herl for the body. I do plan to get out tomorrow and give them a try.
  14. Thank you Steeldrifter for your kind words. Fatman, that was the exact page I was looking for. I didn't need the "Gravel Bed" in particular, but it was the only name I could remember from that page. I use some of these old patterns to give me Ideas for tying Streamers. I found one (Can not remember where) called "Paint Brush". I tied it into a Streamer and gave it to my Son-in-Law. He told me that it was very effective producing 2 Brown, one was 15" and the other was 17.5" in the same day. That got me all fired up. Thanks again. Bear Coat
  15. Thanks Smalliehunter, This looks like the Site I remember. It looks like he has made some changes in it though. Thanks again, Bear Coat
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